5 ways to use Voiceform to collect amazing feedback

Inspiration to get more out of Voiceform, brought to you by the Voicesquad.

In today's post, we dive into 5 ways our community uses Voiceform to collect amazing feedback.

1. Real-Time Feedback Loops

2. Disrupting Focus Groups and 1:1 Interviews

3. Employee Engagement

4. Multilingual and Inclusive Feedback

5. Interactions with Customers and Teams that are On-The-Go

We hope these examples help you get the most out of Voiceform, and inspire new ways for you to use Voiceform when engaging your customers or audience.

1. Real-Time Feedback Loops

Let's face it. Getting in front of prospective or existing customers is difficult. Customers are global, hard to reach and are largely disinterested in taking time out of their lives to give feedback to a company.

The transition to remote working has further complicated the customer feedback loop, as customers have shifted to expect fully-digital interaction models with products and services. This means that in order to collect high quality feedback, you need to be prepared to collect it when and how the customer wants to share it. And you need to capitalize on collecting feedback when customers are most engaged.

That's where Voiceform comes in.

Our customers use Voiceform to collect feedback at any moment in the customer journey. For prospective customers, you can add a Voiceform right into your marketing funnel. Ask questions to prospective customers to understand how they found out about your company, why they are interested and what you can do to serve them better.

For existing customers, add a Voiceform to landing pages, marketing material or even add Voiceform to customer emails to get feedback when customers are most engaged with your company or organization.

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2. Disrupting Focus Groups and 1:1 Interviews

For years, one of the best ways to get feedback from your customers has been to conduct user interviews, focus groups and/or a customer diary study.

But in the world of digital-first interactions and asynchronous working, getting your customers to commit to meeting you for 60 minutes in-person is just not happening. And while you might be able to make it a Zoom meeting, you've now narrowed the scope of your feedback to people in your timezone or who have the ability to take 60 minutes of our their day to meet you.

Why restrict your feedback?

With Voiceform, you can engage customers anytime, anywhere. Always-on feedback collection that scales globally, while still maintaining the quality insights you would get during a 1:1 customer interview.

Why wait weeks to meet with a customer over Zoom or in-person? Send a Voiceform and collect the same high quality insights from hundreds or thousands of customers.

Curious to see how using Voiceform saves teams 100s of hours collecting customer data, while still delivering interview-quality insights?

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3. Employee Engagement

While most customers come to know Voiceform by using it for customer feedback, a growing number of the Voicesquad are now leveraging the benefits of Voiceform internally within their teams and company to ensure the voice of employees can be amplified within organizations. Engaging your team members and colleagues for feedback is extremely important to ensure strategic priorities, company culture and transparency remain strong and well aligned with company values.

The best way to ensure the voice of your team can be effectively heard is with Voiceform. Voiceform enables you to asynchronously collect feedback whenever you need. Feedback on off-sites, suggestions for team events, culture surveys and more! Voiceform has become the perfect way to ensure feedback within your team and company is inclusive, accessible and deeply engaging. Have a globally dispersed or remote-first team? No problem. Voiceform helps you scale conversations in a way that make your team feel connected and included in the conversation.

Want to see how Voiceform is used for Employee Engagement? Check out our latest Case Study with EchoMR! Company culture for this remote-first agency is at the core of who they are. See how Voiceform helps them 2x employee engagement through our surveys and forms.

4. Multilingual and Inclusive Feedback

In order to collect incredible feedback, you need to make sure that your data reflects your audience. To do that, companies need to ensure they are creating feedback loops that are simple, intuitive and accessible for everyone.

At Voiceform, we are on a mission to ensure the voice of everyone is heard in customer feedback. That's why we've created a tool and platform that makes it incredibly simple to collect amazing feedback from everyone regardless of ability or geography.

Fun Fact: Our solution allows you to collect feedback from users in over 13 languages (and languages available are growing every single day!).

For customers whose first language might not be English, this is incredibly powerful.

With Voiceform, these users can share feedback in whatever language they feel comfortable with. For many, writing or typing in a second language is incredibly limiting and intimidating. Voiceform makes it welcoming and easy to share your thoughts freely in the language of your choice.

Additionally, Voice is wonderful for accessibility. For anyone with barriers to typing or texting, we open up an amazing way to give feedback. We are proud to be creating a solution that is focused on inclusivity, and making sure companies can unlock feedback from anyone.

This is how Voiceform is able to help companies achieve 2x survey response rates, and collect 3-4x more data!

5. Interactions with Customers and Teams that are On-The-Go

Amazing feedback, just like great ideas, can come at any moment. To close off this post, we wanted to share how the Voicesquad leverages Voiceform to capture incredible feedback from customers and audiences that are difficult to reach. Customers are constantly on the go, but so is Voiceform.

We are excited to see that our mobile-first tool is helping companies collect feedback and insight whenever it might be.

From audiences who are constantly on-the-go (think: contractors, entrepreneurs, and world travellers), to audiences who never stop the hustle (think: gig works, small businesses, delivery teams and more!), life never slows down.

In order to engage these audiences, we need to meet them on their turf.

Voiceform is used by hundreds of companies to help capture feedback from audiences that have traditionally been hard to reach. Our tools are incredibly mobile friendly and beautifully designed to make getting feedback from people on-the-go simple and intuitive.

Ready to level up your customer feedback and scale your customer conversations? We're ready for you!

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