Hey Digital Marketers! This ones for you

In this post, we dive into the many ways Digital Marketers use Voiceform to save time, increase campaign conversions and get the most out of their budget!

One of the most exciting things we hear from our customers is the amount of time they save collecting data with Voiceform. Let me ask you a question. What could you do with 100+ hours back in your calendar per project? Probably an endless amount great things.

Time is an incredible, yet scarce resource, and we are excited to be giving back lots of time to our customers and their teams. But that's not all. We've also heard from our customers that Voiceform has been a huge save for their marketing and creative teams. All of the time savings and customer insights gathered from voiceforms are going right back into in the bottom line of teams--and the results are amazing. Like, chopping your Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC) in half amazing. It's so inspiring to see what teams can do with better insights and more time back in their calendars. Win, win, win. So today, our team thought it would be a great idea to share 5 ways marketing teams are using Voiceform to achieve jaw-dropping campaign and project results. 1. Scaling Customer Interviews 2. Generating High Intent Leads 3. Creating Digital Marketing Material

4. Understanding Key Customer Attitudes and Behaviours 5. Automating SEO and Keyword Research

Let's dive in.

(1) Scaling Customer Interviews

At Voiceform, we touch on this example a lot. But that's only because it's so impactful to teams we talk to. In today's remote-first world, getting in front of your customers to get feedback and ask questions is so challenging. Customers are global, hard to reach and are largely disinterested in taking time out of their busy lives to talk with companies. And if they do, it's largely a forced conversation that isn't truly authentic or in the wild.

All of these factors limit the incredible insights you could be collecting from customers, if you would let them share their thoughts on their own terms. At Voiceform, our goal is to help you get the data you need at scale, without sacrificing the quality of insights that come from personalized and engaging customer touchpoints. With our incredibly easy to use platform, you can create voiceforms that can be shared to thousands of customers within minutes. Let your voiceform respondents share their thoughts how they want and when they want so you can drive to learnings faster.

The result? Voiceform lets you asynchronously capture powerful customer insight around the clock, saving you hundreds of hours per project. In one of our customers latest projects, they collected game-changer insights from over 900+ customers in a matter of weeks. Imagine trying to do that over email, video-chat or in-person meeting? Impossible. Until Voiceform.

It's an awesome example of how Voiceform could save you hundreds of hours, and let you get back to business! Collect insights fast, and analyze them to uncover the exact insight you need.

(2) Generating High Intent Leads Next up on the list? Lead Generation.

For acquisition marketing, this is so important. Did you know that Voiceform customers are doubling their conversion rates on marketing campaigns? Yes, it's true!

Voiceform's easy to share and easy to complete surveys and forms give our customers real-time insight on prospective customers. By adding a Voiceform right into your marketing funnel, you can collect insights that no one else is able to capture.

Ask questions to leads when they are deeply engaged with your product and services to understand how they found out about your company, why they are interested and what you can do to serve them better.

By using Voiceform throughout marketing campaigns, our customers, such as 100Insure, were able to learn more about how their customers felt about their product's value propositions in real-time and were able to use those learnings to create better marketing material to increase campaign conversion.

WIth Voiceform, 100Insure was able to cut their Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC) in half by collecting better customer feedback. Want to learn more about their results? Check out our latest case study!

(3) Creating Digital Marketing Material For Marketers focused on Paid Ads, Content Marketing and more, Voiceform has you covered. Not only is Voiceform the perfect way to scale your customer conversations, it's also your partner in crime when it comes to creating incredible marketing copy.

With Voiceform, you get a whole new level of customer insight at scale. Hear how your customers speak in any language so that you can better market to them with creative materials that truly speak their language.

There is just something so incredibly powerful that comes from hearing your customers.

What they say, how they say it, the tone of their voice. It's all so useful to understand exactly how a customer thinks, what they are looking for, and how your company can serve them better. With Voiceform, marketing teams can hone in on specific verbiage being used by their customers and use that verbiage to better market to them. In the flurry of marketing content out there, personalizing experiences matter.

Voiceform allows you to learn from customers at scale so that you can execute on marketing material that feels personalized and contextual to every customer at every customer interaction.

(4) Understanding Key Customer Attitudes and Behaviours For teams that might collaborate with creatives, agencies or design partners, we have some exciting news to share. When using Voiceform to collect customer data, our users on average collect 3-4x more data and 2x their response rates. That's a lot of data.

But what good is that data if it's hard to analyze?

That's why our team is excited to share that Voiceform users get access to incredible sentiment analysis tools, such as Sentiment Scores and Keyword Sentiment, to easily distill insights from hundred of customer data points.

It's one thing to be able to read what a customer thinks.

It's another to hear them and understand all of the things that go un-written. With Voiceform, you get to hear your customers and know the context, nuance and meaning behind what they say. Additionally, our analytics dashboard lets you know the keywords and topics that come from every Voiceform response, and the sentiment behind it. Within minutes, know exactly what matters most to your Voiceform respondents, and the Positive, Neutral and Negative sentiment behind it so you can understand exactly how they feel, without dealing with misinterpretation.

Interested to learn more about all of the new features launching on Voiceform? Check out our January Product Update in our Voiceform Blog!

(5) Automating SEO and Keyword Research

And to wrap up today's post, we thought we would share one of our coolest features yet (which is tough to do, as there are just so many!) Introducing Voiceform Keywords. The perfect tool to help Marketing teams automate the research of marketing keywords, SEO content and lead lines. Have a new SEO campaign coming up? Need to research optimal keywords for conversion? Voiceform is the perfect way to scale your research quickly, and uncover the keywords that will drive your campaign to success!

Ask users to share their thoughts about your products, services or campaign objectives to learn about how people speak about your business. The power of voice shines through, as you're able to to understand what phrases, topics and words standout to your audience. With Voiceform's Top Keywords feature, you can see exactly what words resonate most with your users, and leverage them to create effective SEO strategies and keyword campaigns fast!

And now, after sharing 5 ways our customers use Voiceform for marketing, the time has come for...the Call To Action! Thanks for reading our latest post! We hope it inspires new ways get the most out of Voiceform. Marketers, ready to give us a try? We cannot wait for you to get started with Voiceform.

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