How to: Keeping remote teams connected and engaged

Updated: 5 days ago

In this article, we connect with Market Research firm Echo MR to talk about the importance of building an inclusive team culture that ensures everyone can have their Voice heard.

Working remotely has made it super challenging to check in on coworkers. Companies need to get creative to find energizing ways to keep their teams aligned and engaged.

As a finalist for the Quirks Market Research 'Best Place to Work' Award, the team at Echo MR has been successful finding ways to keep their global teams connected and motivated.

The key to achieving these results? Seeking frequent feedback from employees.

Echo consistently prioritizes a 'people-first' culture that promotes diversity and inclusion, training and career progression opportunities, and transparency. In order to ensure their people-first culture sustained throughout the shift to remote work, they heavily prioritized consistent check-ins to collect feedback from teams and ensure their culture events and team activities reflected what everyone was interested in.

In order to effectively scale an employee engagement program to collect feedback asynchronously across their global teams, Echo MR engaged our team at Voiceform.

Voiceform's conversational approach to data collection gives our customers more useful and actionable data from their teams at scale. Some key reasons why companies are choosing Voiceform to capture employee feedback include:

1. Better Survey Experiences: Our software lets colleagues share their opinions in their own words. Use guided voice surveys to get authentic, unfiltered responses and understand your teams on a deeper level.

2. Higher Completion Rates: Get access to tons of powerful qualitative data in record time. Our clients see 3-4x more useful data collected compared to traditional survey tools.

3. Global Data Collection: Use Voiceform to collect data, testimonials, feedback and more from around the world. We allow you to capture employee feedback and sentiment in over 13+ languages (and counting!)

4. Accessibility: We make employee feedback inclusive. Capture feedback from users who may not be able to respond with text or on small screens. Easily survey employees who are on-the-go and frequently don't have access to laptops.

How Voiceform can help you!

Check out the latest infographic shared by Echo MR on their company culture below!