January Product Updates

New features, new features, new features!

What's up Voicesquad?!

Hello and happy 2022!

We are so excited to be entering the new year in hyperdrive. Delivering the first of many incredible new features and platform enhancements this year.

Check out what's new below:

(1) Top Keywords

When using Voiceform to collect customer data, our users on average collect 3-4x more data and 2x their response rates. That's a lot of data.

But what good is that data if it's hard to analyze?

Spoiler. It's not. That's why our team is excited to launch the first of many new updates to our analytics dashboard. With Top Keywords, you can easily see top keywords from your voiceform responses, organized by question.

For every question asked within your voiceform, you can now easily understand the top keywords, topics and concepts mentioned by respondents, to easily drive to actionable insight.

With Top Keywords, you can easily filter through thousands of responses to know what insights matter most.

(2) Enhanced Data Sentiment

With the introduction of Keywords, we've also launched enhanced data analysis.

In addition to being able to show you the Top Keywords presented within survey responses, we can now help you get even more insight, with Total Sentiment and Keyword Sentiment.

Total Sentiment helps you understand the overall sentiment of a voiceform response.

Keyword Sentiment helps you understand the emotional sentiment behind keywords found in a voiceform response.

Easily know what Keywords stand out from thousands of responses, and the emotional classification for each response Keyword. In a matter of seconds, know exactly what matters to your voiceform respondents, and the Positive, Neutral and Negative meaning of their responses.

(3) Bulk Exporting

Keep that data flowing. We've now improved our exporting options to allow you to easily bulk export ALL Voiceform results to .XLSX (Excel) and .CSV

You can now access this feature within the Analyze section of the Voiceform Platform. Analyze >> Individuals Analyze >> Questions

And that's all...for now.

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned from some incredible new features and platform enhancements coming your way soon!