New Feature Alert! December Product Updates

Updated: Jan 24

Check out this blog post to see the latest from Voiceform.

Happy December Voicesquad!

Today we are sharing some exciting new features, and tips on how to best leverage them.

(1) Let your Voiceform respondents answer questions with Voice or Text.

Voiceform now allows you to give your respondents the choice of how they respond to Audio Response and Voice Question Types. This means that users can now choose how they want to respond, to ensure they can share information in a format that works best for them.

(2) A refreshed Voiceform workspace!

We know you'll get excited about this update. We overhauled the Voiceform Workspace and changed how you create your Voiceform:

Customizing your Voiceform just got easier!

Our new Multimedia and Text Editor features allow you to easily add photos to your Voiceform, and customize the description/text inputs of your questions.

Additionally, we also changed how you re-order Voiceform questions to make it super user-friendly! These new features will allow you to easily customize your Voiceform exactly how you want.

(3) Voiceform Redirect

Want to send your Voiceform respondents to a landing page or website after completing a Voiceform? Now you can!

You can add the option to redirect a respondent to a link within your Voiceform settings. This can ensure your respondents return to desired content or websites that you'd like them to see after completing your Voiceform.

That's all for now!

Thanks for reading. We look forward to sharing some exciting new features launching later this month. Stay tuned!