New Feature Alert! Tips to level up your Voiceform.

Check out this blog post to learn about our latest Voiceform features. From adding Photos to customizing your Welcome Pages - Let's go!

At Voiceform, we are all about listening to what our community has to say. You voiced your opinions on what you'd like to see, and today we are so excited to share new features to serve you better.

First impressions are so important.

So we added new features to make Welcome Pages on your Voiceform surveys, forms and assessments more customizable, and ensure you can share more information with your respondents. (1) Adding a Subtitle to your Voiceform Welcome Pages.

In addition to the Title Message, we have now added the ability to include a Subtitle. You can use the Subtitle as a way to add more context to your survey. This will help your respondents know more about what to expect with Voiceform. In the example above, we've added, "Let's get started," to help guide the respondents to start the survey. (2) Adding additional text and important links to your Voiceform Welcome Pages.

Not only can you add a Subtitle, but now you can add additional text and hyperlinks to your Voiceform Welcome Pages. The additional text can be used to include important reminders or links to helpful information before your respondents complete your Voiceform survey, form or assessment. In the example above, we have included an important reminder to review our Privacy Policy prior to completing the Voiceform survey. Pro Tip: To add a link into the additional text, highlight the word or phrase you want to hyperlink and select the Add Hyperlink button.

Pictures worth a thousand words? One of our most requested features is now live!

Drum roll please.... (3) You can now add Photos to your Voiceform surveys, forms and questionnaires!

Get more amazing data from your respondents by asking their feedback or insight on images. The Voicesquad can now upload up to four images into any of the questions you share with respondents.

When you add a new question to your Voiceform, all you need to do is select 'browse' or drag and drop up to 4 images to upload images into the question. Currently, this feature supports JPG, JPEG2000, PNG images up to a maximum image size of 300 KB per image.

That's all for now, Voicesquad! Our team is moving quickly and cannot wait to share more exciting features to serve you better. Have a feature request? Let us know here! Want to chat? Let's connect!

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