The Power of Voice in Market Research

Updated: Jan 18

A Case Study with Ben Zeidler, Co-Founder of Nonfiction Research.

See how Market Research Companies like Nonfiction Research deliver stronger research to clients with Voiceform.

First things first. Let's get to know Nonfiction.

Nonfiction is a customer research company that is designed to get at what most market researchers miss when they are studying the people they want to understand.

Nonfiction goes where others don’t think to go and tries to get a deeper understanding of consumers. They are always willing to take their research one step further.

What led you to Voiceform? What problem were you trying to solve?

We had a big gap between what we were doing in quantitative analysis and qualitative analysis. Quant gave us incredible scale, but with lots of limits. For example, we couldn’t ask too many open ended questions.

Qualitative interviews were also great - but had literally no scale. It would take us 24 hours to complete 24 interviews to help collect customer context and colour.

Nonfiction selected Voiceform because qualitative at scale was the goal.

Voiceform is great because it’s everything you love about interviews, except way less work and you're able to do it at scale. When conducting research with Voiceform, I love that you can hear customers pause, hear their voice shake, and hear the emotion in their voice.

We still got all the things we loved in research interviews. Voiceform fit our need perfectly.

What about Voiceform leveled up your client research?

Without Voiceform, most presentation experiences are linear and flat kind.

If during a presentation, I’m able to stop and showcase a slide with 6 record buttons, I can stop and play them for the client. It’s incredibly powerful to have somebody literally answering questions with their voice and it is a great way to put a final point on our presentation. Not only does Voiceform offer clients survey tools, but also VoiceAudience: Verified user panels that allow clients to connect with thousands of businesses and customers.

What was the quality of the survey responses you received with our research panels?

Voiceform supplied us with access to their research panel, VoiceAudience, to collect feedback from our customers target audience. In this case, we were collecting feedback on behalf of a Fortune 500 Entertainment company.

The quality of the responses were actually really really good and it wasn’t that expensive at all. Will definitely be using VoiceAudience again.

We love seeing Voiceform clients win. Will we be seeing you work with us again?

Absolutely. We definitely will be using Voiceform again.

We already have a few projects lined up for Voiceform, as the solutions can work across many categories, not just B2B.

Before we wrap, would you mind giving our audience a sense of what Insights from Voiceform really stood out to you?

Voiceform insights really helped land the plane with our client. In my presentations, I can show a stat and they are like “ok”. With Voiceform, I can actually have them listen to a real person, talk about it and it is actually a magnitude of difference. It’s unexpected and it helps us separate ourselves from the rest of the Market Research Agencies.