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Here's what our customers are saying about Voiceform:


Audio is King

I don't know about you, but feedback forms are just about auto-ignores for me simply because I don't have time to fill them out (I'm a stay/work from home papa) - even when I DO want to have my voice/opinion heard!

Who wants to type a complicated, nuanced opinion or feedback for some org who might not read it anyways? And if you do take the time, it might take an hour to really say what you want to say.... not the problem with voiceform! A 3 minute voice memo is all you need to really get across what you want to get across.


Voiceform Is A Game Changer

Immediately after purchasing, I spent maybe 10 minutes looking around to get familiar with how the software worked, and in a few more minutes I had set up my first survey.

My current survey solutions are form and video based, both of which are not formats that everyone is comfortable using, or has time to fill in. So, with that in mind, I'm excited about the possibilities with voiceform because it opens up opportunities to gather the feedback from those who may not have otherwise shared their feedback.


Its so easy to create a form!

Reasons why this is a must buy:
-A+ for mobile responsiveness.
-Ample amount of publishing options. (Full page, pop-up,..).
-Users can listen to their recording before sending it.
-Text version also available.
-Near perfect transcription.
-Awesome support!


Voiceform raises the survey bar. Don't miss this!

Our experience shows that live surveys provide 5x the amount of information as text surveys. The problem is we are a small company and do not have the resources to conduct live surveys at scale. With 3 to 4x results using Voiceform, we are now able to scale our survey program and receive feedback we did not receive on the text survey.

We understand Voiceform is evolving and we are optimistic the Voiceform team can add more features found in traditional survey programs and raise the bar along the way.


The Next Results Oriented Trending Technology

Most people don't like long time consuming surveys. They also hesitate because they might misspell their response and how would that look? VoiceForm is a creative tool that solves both of those objections. VoiceForm comes with short helpful how to videos but I found it worth my time to just play with the Form Creation process to see how I could use VoiceForm. I was wondering if I could streamline the form even more by sending a form out without requiring the person responding to include their name. And yes, I was able to do that. This is a creative tool that is functional as it is, but will only improve with time. Whether you buy one code or three, you need to get VoiceForm so you can get the feedback you need and at the same time stand out from your competition!

Here's what a few other had to say: 

Voice is the next big Thing
Simply Amazing!
Great Alternative to Written and Video Replies
Voiceform offers endless use cases for thought leaders, trainers, mentors, and coaches.
My favorite purchase of 2021
Interesting Product for several use cases
Very impressive concept
Dream come true
Very handy tool :-)
I took the plunge and no regrets so far!
Lots of use cases for this one
How do I email my Voiceform?
Survey Game Changer!
Voiceform is the app I have dreamed of
What Voicemail should be in 2021
Audio is KING!!
VOICEFORM removes the friction
It's a huge time saver