Let Your Customers Speak for Themselves.

Voiceform let's respondents answer survey questions with their voice. Get more detailed answers, capture tone of voice, and add a human touch to your research.

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How it works

Capture 3x-4x more data in less time while providing your survey participants a more intuitive and conversational survey experience. Increase completion rates and collect sentiment with every survey submission.


What you want to learn about your customers?

The first step is understanding what insights you'd like to learn about. What are the emotional drivers behind purchasing behavior for example.

Ask the right questions.

Begin building the voiceform app.

Ask open-ended, emotional questions. If you want to really harness the power of voice, you have to avoid yes or no questions.

Design your survey.

Add the final polish...

Design your survey to match your brand guidelines. Or better yet, embed the survey on your website so you can maintain consistency.

Send it to your customers.

Get better responses to your questions.

Share your Voiceform with a link, via email, or embed the survey on your website or landing page.

Step 5

Review the data and grow your business.

Using sentiment analysis & audio recordings.

View transcriptions, voice notes, and sentiment analysis within the app or download to use however you like. Either way, you'll start understanding your customers better! 

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