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How it works

We make it easy to hear from your customer


Build your Voiceform

Prepare a Voiceform for any question. Ask your audience questions with voice, video or text.

Illustration showing Voiceform's different question types

Share your Voiceform

Send or add your Voiceform anywhere you want data collected: email, text, chat and more! Access thousands of integrations to send data where you need it.

Illustration showing Voiceform surveys being shared to recipients and data being sent to third party apps through integrations

Understand data on a deeper level

Leverage analysis tools to uncover trends, engagement, customer sentiment and more.

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Our customers love Voiceform

3 G2 badges including High Performer for Winter 2022, Spring 2022, Summer 2022
4.8 stars on G2
"We were looking to supplement our longer form deeper experience tests with quick voice feedback in order to provide a more comprehensive view. We use Voiceform to complement our existing feedback assessments."
Mona Sabet
Chief Corporate Strategy Officer
"With Voiceform, voice responses are easier to use than typing out a lengthy response and have the added benefit of capturing the customer's train of thought."
Kevin Vielbaum
Program Manager, Voice of the Customer

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How it works

Use Voiceform with the tools you already love

Collect data with Voiceform and share it with over 5,000 applications like Slack, HubSpot and more.

Why do customers use Voiceform?

Illustration showing a Voiceform survey with question "How was your experience with our new product" with a record answer button under it.
Hear your customer
Collect better data

See how combining voice, video and text questions unlock a fast, frictionless and accessible way for your respondents to share higher quality data.

An illustration showing data from Voiceform surveys.
Conduct powerful research
Understand emotion

Unlock the best of both qual and quant research methods to help you understand diverse audiences across languages and geographies.

An illustration showing different types of content such as testimonials, star ratings and audio players.
Stand out from the crowd
Create amazing content

Leverage voice and text responses for marketing materials, such as audio ads, testimonials, podcast soundbites and more.

Our customers love Voiceform

Andrew Wald
MD, Global Technology Solutions, JLL
“We promoted [Voiceform] as a new way of providing feedback. People were interested in engaging this way, which increased our survey acceptance rate, which I would say was about 70%. I think our results stemmed from the innovation, and a different way of doing surveys versus live interviews and or pen-to-paper type surveys.”
Alex Reilly
Growth Marketing Manager, TechTO
"One of the most important things for us at TechTO is to put out the best information that our audience and community cares about. Voiceform allows us to capture their feedback and highlight exactly what it is the Canadian Tech Ecosystem is most interested in."
Kevin, Veilbaum
Program Manager, Voice of the Customer, Slack
"With Voiceform, voice responses are easier to use than typing out a lengthy response and have the added benefit of capturing the customer’s train of thought."
David Thomas
Head of Marketing, Baremetrics
“The value that we got out of [Voiceform] is 1000x more than any other kind of customer feedback survey that I've ever done and having done a lot of product, a lot of product marketing surveys, being able to hear the voice of the customer is an extreme advantage. It's not as easy to put onto a chart or to make it into a graph. But it’s so much more actionable and so much more useful."
Martin Gomez
COO, WingAI Technologies
"In terms of revenue, I could say with confidence that we’ve saved upwards of $100,000USD during the last six months [with Voiceform]. We’ve been able to understand our customers, if they’re happy right away, if they are subtly unsatisfied, [and in need of more support.]"
Jay Tye
COO, Echo MR
"With our first Voiceform, we saw immediate results. 5x the quality of data. We were really surprised to see the difference and the caliber of thoughtfulness within the responses. When hearing feedback about Voiceform, it was pretty noticeable that people felt like they had a voice. Like they were being listened to and and that their thoughts and suggestions or feedback was welcomed and appreciated."

We make collecting, sharing and analyzing data a breeze

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