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Voiceform let's respondents answer survey questions with their voice. Get more detailed answers, improve accessibility, capture tone of voice, and add a human touch.

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How it works

Capture 3x-4x more data in less time while providing your voiceform participants a more intuitive and conversational survey/form experience. Increase completion rates and collect sentiment with every survey submission.


Who are you getting feedback from? ✍🏽

The first step is understanding who you will be getting feedback from. Whether it is your target market, current customers, students, podcast listeners, community members, or a giraffe once you've nailed that down, you can move on to step 2.

Create your voiceform

Let's get crackin 🤓

Simply log into your account and begin with a welcome message for your Voiceform. From there you can add different types of questions and a goodbye message. Make sure to preview to see if you like it.

Design time

Make it pop 💥

After you've created your voiceform, its time to add some flare and make it your own. Add your logo, change the colour, change the font, and even add images to really make it your own.

Share, share, share!


If you didn't share your voiceform, did you even really create it? Its time to sharing with your respondants. Whether it be through sharing the link, sending an email, or embedding on a web page - we've got you covered.

Step 5


Data over everything, except for tacos 🌮

What good is Voiceform without the Data. Analyze your voiceform through the results page. There you'll be able to see high level insights, transcription, sentiment analysis, and a keyword search which will allow you to see the most commonly used words. You can also download everything via csv.

What our customers are saying.

If I sent a regular form, I'd get a short response to each question because of the effort involved in typing and checking for grammar and spelling mistakes. I really wanted to hear the stories and the longer, rambling thoughts. Voiceform lent itself to that purpose.

Tricia Littlefield
Ledgers Branding

It's useful for me as a copywriter, as I often collect Voice of Customer data via written surveys. Having the answers in the customer's voice (quite literally) is a lot more powerful because it's less likely to be edited, and more likely to be how they speak.

Angela Rodgers
Digital Brew

Audio is eating the world! And Voiceform allows your clients to have a voice. I've used a number of makeshift ways to collect audio feedback, responses and leads. Voiceform has been exceptional.

Abhijat Saraswat
Fringe Legal

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