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At Voiceform, we come to work everyday to help solve the biggest problems with surveys. Surveys can sometimes be quite long and ultimately results in low completion rates and non detailed answers. As people that sent surveys on a weekly basis we thought - how can we increase completion rates without jeopardizing the quantity and quality of data we collect. The answer was to have surveys you can answer with voice, so we decided to test it.

It turns out you can collect 3x-4x more data while increasing completion rates as well. We also ran a study to see if people preferred to complete surveys with their voice and the results were astonishing. Over 85% of people prefer to complete a survey with their voice over typing resulting in a more intuitive, conversational survey experience. You also get to capture sentiment and build a more personal relationship with your survey participants.

We are a team of creators, entrepreneurs, and innovators that come to work every day (via zoom) with a big smile knowing that we're making a difference. Please feel free to reach out if you'd like to meet us. We would love to meet you :)

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