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Voiceform is the fastest way to collect and analyze feedback from your customers or target audience.

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Simplifying feedback for the world's most customer-centric brands.
How it works

We make it easy to hear from your customer

Step 1
Build your Voiceform
Prepare the questions and ideas you want to ask your customers or target audience.
Step 2
Share your Voiceform
Send your Voiceform to current customers, or connect with your target audience using Voiceform’s customer community.
Step 3
Understand your customer on a deeper level
Easily collect customer sentiment to know how your customer truly feels.

Our customers love Voiceform

4.8 stars (25+ reviews) on G2
"We were looking to supplement our longer form deeper experience tests with quick voice feedback in order to provide a more comprehensive view. We use Voiceform to complement our existing feedback assessments."
Mona Sabet
Chief Corporate Strategy Officer
"One of the most important things for us at TechTO is to put out the best information that our audience and community cares about. Voiceform allows us to capture their feedback and  highlight exactly what it is the Canadian Tech Ecosystem is most interested in."
Alex Reilly
Growth Marketing Manager

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Why do customers use Voiceform?

Hear your customer
Collect better data

See how voice responses unlock a fast, frictionless and accessible way for your respondents to share higher quality data across languages.

Increase responses
Capture more leads

Ask your audience anything, and build a deeper understanding of their wants and needs through sentiment analysis and topic extraction.

Stand out from the crowd
Create amazing content

Leverage voice responses for marketing materials, such as audio ads, testimonials, podcast soundbites and more.

Understanding your customers just got easier.

Voiceform simplifies feedback and let's you understand your customer on a deeper level.

Voice questions and response options

Ask anything and let your customers share their feedback with voice

Sentiment analysis and topic extraction

Know exactly how your customer feels on an emotional level

Collect insight faster

With Voiceform, there’s no need to chase down customers or prospects to get the data you need.

Ask Thoughtful Questions

Voiceform lets you build surveys and forms that feel like a conversation. Create Voice Questions to ask your audience anything. Let your respondents give you feedback that lets you hear their emotion, intent and mindset.

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Connect with your ideal customer

Voiceform puts your customer feedback loop on autopilot. Send Voiceforms to your customers in just a few clicks, or outline your ideal target customer and let us connect you to them.

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Know exactly how your customer feels

Insights delivered in minutes. No need to waste time booking meetings and phone calls. Hear your customers automatically, and easily analyze hundreds of responses in our Results Dashboard. View response audio, transcription, sentiment, keywords and more!

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"We love Voiceform because it helps us bridge that gap between quantitative data and fully qualitative data. We can get qualitative results at scale and we can do it way faster than we can if we were to just do interviews."
Ben Ziedler

We make collecting, sharing and analzying data a breeze

Get started for free. Get instant access to Voiceform features that get you amazing data in minutes.

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