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3 G2 badges including High Performer for Winter 2022, Spring 2022, Summer 2022
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"The biggest value for our team was the Voiceform platform’s on-demand sentiment analysis. The platform’s results dashboard was fully automated, and didn’t leave us having to go out and number crunch the data. Insights were right at our fingertips, easily accessible and provided us with an always-on pulse of how our customer interactions are going."
Tim Wilbourn
VP of Customer Experience
"Voiceform is great because it’s everything you love about interviews, except none of the work. When conducting research with Voiceform, I love that you can hear customers pause, hear their voice shake, and hear the emotion in their voice. We still got all the things we loved in research interviews. Hearing the pauses, when a customer’s voice shakes, everything. Voiceform fit our need."
Ben Ziedler

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