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"Before using Voiceform, our average cost per lead was around $23, but now after using Voiceform, we've managed to bring our cost per lead to around $12. So we've seen a lot of success."

-Erin Potter, Marketing Manager, 100Insure

About 100Insure

100Insure helps thousands of people find the right Medicare plan for their needs and budget.

By helping people understand the ins and outs of Medicare, they help people discover incredible benefits that they are eligible for but not currently receiving. There are millions of Americans right now that don’t realize they could be receiving Medicare benefits, and 100Insure strives to help these individuals get the benefits they deserve.

100Insure Case Study

Launching a real-time customer feedback loop in 100Insure Marketing campaigns.

We sat down with 100Insure Marketing Manager Erin Potter to better understand how Voiceform's voice-powered survey and form tools helped 100Insure collect the customer feedback needed to optimize their marketing budget, and run super successful marketing campaigns.

Scaling customer conversations is hard

Effective marketing campaigns center around sharing content that speaks your customers language. High conversion campaigns come down to knowing the wants and needs of your target customer so you can accurately position your product or service to them.

In order to get to know your customers, you need to spend time with them - but getting in front of them can be both time consuming and costly for marketing teams. Additionally, scaling these conversations to thousands just doesn't work. 

​As a Marketing team within the Insurance Industry, 100Insure understands that getting in front of potential customer is extremely challenging. Customers are geographically disbursed, hard to reach and are largely disinterested in taking time out of their lives to give high quality feedback. The team realized that there must be a better way to engage customers during live marketing campaigns to get feedback when customer's are actively engaged and most incentivized to give emotive feedback on their experiences with insurance.

​When looking to collect feedback during live digital marketing campaigns, 100Insure turned to Voiceform to make it happen.

"What I like about Voiceform, is that it has given us the opportunity to better understand our consumers, of their needs and their wants, while also being able to identify key verbiage that has helped us better Target potential consumers."

-Erin Potter, Marketing Manager, 100Insure

How 100Insure used Voiceform to reveal amazing customer insight

In order to launch a real-time feedback loop during marketing campaigns, 100Insure added Voiceform right into their marketing funnel. When prospective customers landed on a variety of marketing landing pages, users would be asked relevant and timely questions, which allowed them to respond by voice. 

​Voiceform allowed 100Insure to collect feedback from thousands of customers asynchronously. Insights that normally would have taken hundreds of hours to collect. ​

100Insure then used this data to continuously update marketing copy, lead lines, advertisements and landing pages with content that truly spoke their customers language. 

"Voiceform has helped us hone in on specific verbiage that our target consumer uses. So, ever since we started using Voiceform, we continue to develop extremely successful headlines for advertisements and CTAs."

-Erin Potter, Marketing Manager, 100Insure

Better customer data means better decision-making

Since launching with Voiceform, 100Insure has been able to collect the customer insight they've been missing, fast. Right from the source, 100Insure is able to scale customer conversations asynchronously and collect emotionally-rich feedback that builds better marketing campaigns. This results in hundreds of hours saved automating the way they get feedback from customers.

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