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Learn how Archetype scaled customer interviews for their new product launch.

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"With Voiceform, I could easily take 50 interviews and boil it down to 10 major learnings, and four categories for what to improve. So when it comes to your product roadmap Voiceform can save you a ton of time."

-Melissa Slawsky, Founder, Archetype Marketing

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Archetype Marketing Case Study

Scaling customer interviews with Voiceform. Spend less time researching and more time building.

We connected with Founder Melissa Slawsky to better understand how Voiceform's voice-powered survey and form tools helped her team scale customer interviews to conduct faster market research, save time and ultimately speed up her product roadmap development.

For entrepreneurs, speed and execution is everything.

Time is of the essence for scrappy, fast growing startups.

In the quest for finding product market fit, teams need to execute their roadmaps, engage deeply with customers, deliver on pilots, launch market campaigns...the list goes on. The life of an entrepreneur is 100 roles in one, and that means that finding tools and resources to save time, while maintaining a quality experience for customers and teams is a make or break reality.

The founding team at Archetype Marketing understood that executing with speed meant finding innovative ways to automate processes, scale efficiencies and ultimately use tools to do the work of a team 10x their size. 

When looking at opportunities to save time and resources, Archetype Marketing turned to Voiceform speed up their market research and product development cycles. By using Voiceform, Archetype could 10x the number of customer interviews they could conduct, unlocking the power of a full-on market research team in one powerful platform. 

This meant scaling the collection and analysis of customer insight in a matter of hours versus weeks, allowing Archetype to shorten their market research cycles, collect rich customer data for marketing material (e.g. case studies, testimonials...etc.) and get back to building.

"Not only was I able to use Voiceform for new market, research, feedback and testimonials, I could all take those [old] interviews and copy and paste the data into Voiceform to analyze key themes and keywords."

-Melissa Slawsky, Founder, Archetype Marketing

How Archetype Marketing used Voiceform to scale customer interviews

For startups, getting in front of customers is everything. Understanding their problems, mindset, buying behaviour and feedback is a never-ending priority to ensure you are building with their needs in mind, and are delivering an experience that keeps customers coming back. ​

For many entrepreneurs, customer interviews are one way they capture this valuable information. But for small teams, many roadblocks exist when looking to get in front of customers. Customers are busy and spread all around the world - preoccupied with their own priorities, and rarely interested in taking time to meet with companies over Zoom. Additionally, for many startups, customer interviews can be a cause of bias and inaccurate information. Customers who meet with you either like your product, or feel the need to alter their feedback to match the tone of the session. 

And then of course, there's the other elephant in the room. For startups of all sizes, there are only so many hours in the day to meet with customers. There are an endless list of to-do's for entrepreneurs and ultimately there are only so many hours that can be dedicated to research. 

That's where Voiceform comes in. We know that in order to speak to customers authentically - you need to meet them on their terms. And beyond that, we know how critical these conversations are. That's why we've created the best solution to help you automate and scale customer interviews to allow you to reach your customers at large, while maintaining the quality and insight of a user interview.

"I think I find a new use case for Voiceform every week and I'm a huge fan. I'm constantly telling people they have to try it and I can't wait to use it more in my business as it's about to launch."

-Melissa Slawsky, Founder, Archetype Marketing

Hyper-personalized insight with speed. Voiceform made it happen.

Since launching with Voiceform, Entrepreneurs like Melissa have been able to 10x their customer interviews, while maintaining incredible insight. And with better data, comes better - faster - decision making for your business. By engaging with customers through Voiceform, you now have access to scalable insight that can be used for market research, hyper-personalized marketing material, and the product validation needed to move your product roadmap forward with speed. 

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