Crafting the Perfect Customer Survey

Your perfect customer feedback survey is here. Learn how to do it.

It’s no secret that customer feedback is essential for businesses to gain insights into their customers in order to improve their products, services, or processes. However, if your customer survey is neither engaging nor fun, it won’t really get the job done. Your customers are busy and largely looking to minimize unnecessary interactions with your business, so when you have them captivated - you need to take advantage of the opportunity. So how do you create a high-conversion, engaging and fun customer survey? This blog post will cover the ins and outs of sending customers surveys, what insights a customer survey can help your team learn and the best question types to ask in a customer survey.

The importance of customer surveys in today’s world of fast-paced technology and competition is major. It's critical for companies to have an understanding of their customers’ needs and preferences in order to stay ahead of the game, as many customers will not tell you something constructive until it’s largely too late to take action. Sending out regular surveys allows your team to remind your customers they can share their voice anytime and help you quickly identify problems, develop effective solutions, measure progress and track changes over time. 

What insights can customer surveys provide?

Customer surveys can provide vital information such as:

  • Demographic information (age group, gender)
  • Purchase frequency (how often customers buy)
  • Satisfaction levels (happy vs unhappy customers)
  • Product/service ratings (NPS measurements to understand likelihood to recommend)
  • Loyalty rates (loyalty program outcomes)
  • Preferences (favorite products/services)

With this data in hand, teams can better understand who their target audience is; which services/products they should continue developing or discontinue, how satisfied customers are with existing offerings, which areas need improvement and more. 

Best question types to ask in a customer survey 

To ensure you're getting useful insights from your surveys while keeping them fun and engaging, there are some key question types you should consider asking such as:

  • Multiple choice questions (for faster responses)
  • Open-ended questions (for detailed answers)
  • Rating scales (for overall satisfaction)
  • Matrix questions (for comparing different options)
  • Ranking questions (for identifying preference order)
  • Demographic questions (for segmenting audiences)

Other than these basic question types there are various other ways you can make your surveys more fun like adding videos, GIFs, emojis or images! 

Another consideration is further adding other multimedia components to your survey. Did you know that you can now add survey capabilities like asking questions with voice (to build a more personal connection with your audience), giving respondents the option to respond with voice (to improve how you collect qualitative data), and asking questions with video (to further improve survey interactivity and showcase a wider range of content)

Try voice and video surveys to take your next customer survey to the next level. 

You have a very small window to capture important data from your customers - so make it count! Ensure you are giving them as much choice as possible in how they respond. So consider adding options that let them choose how to share information - voice, video text and more! With Voiceform, unlock multimedia capabilities that dramatically improve response rates and the quality of your feedback. Once you have collected all the data they need from your customers via surveys, you’ll be able to capture a deeper understanding of your team and businesses performance. Get data to inform decisions related to product development, marketing strategies, customer service improvements etc. Use it to create targeted campaigns based on individual user preferences or even segment users into different groups based on common traits like age group or geographical location.

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