Customer Survey Question Examples. Everything You Need To Know.

Learn about Customer Survey examples, and key questions to ask.

Customer surveys are a great way to gain valuable insights about your customers. You can use these insights to improve your business and provide better service. But let’s be real. Every company sends customer surveys. So what can you do to make yours stand out from the rest, and actually get customers to respond? In this blog, we’ll outline how to make your survey delightful, and effective so that your customers don’t leave you on read. 

What is a Customer Survey?

A customer feedback survey is a way of collecting information about your customers' experiences with your product or service. This information can be used to improve the quality of your product or service, as well as determine whether marketing campaigns are effective.

As a survey company, let’s just say we’ve sent a lot of surveys. And in that process we’ve learned one critical tip about sending effective customer surveys. Keep them specific, short and sweet. When reaching out to customers, you have a small window of opportunity to engage them. Make sure you’re asking specifically what you want to know and no more or no less. Keep your survey topic narrow, and make it super simple for people to participate. The longer or more involved your survey, the higher chance of drop offs. 

What Should Your Survey Include?

Besides making sure your survey is concise, I’m sure you’re also wondering how to actually build it and what questions to include.

When selecting a survey tool, make sure it’s comprehensive, allowing you to ask any type of question, and gives your audience choice in how they respond. At Voiceform, we allow you to create a broad range of surveys, but most importantly, we offer you response options that truly give your audience endless choice in how they share information with you. For example, when it comes to open-ended questions, we allow users the option to respond with voice. This means you’ll get more data and higher quality insight. It also means your survey participants don’t have to spend too much time writing out lengthy responses, giving you higher response rates and deeper engagement. 

Customer Survey Question Examples 

Looking to learn more about your customer and how they got started with you? Ask these questions:

  1. How did you initially discover our product?
  2. What prompted you to get started with us?
  3. Was it easy to get started with our product? Did any friction occur when getting started? 
  4. How often do you use our product?
  5. When was the first time you received value from using our product or service? 

Want to understand if your customers are champions? Try these: 

  1. Does anything prevent you from sharing our product with other teams or colleagues you work with?
  2. Would you recommend our product to your friends or colleagues?
  3. What would make you want to stop using our product? 
  4. Is there anything you need to continue using our product or service? 
  5. How likely are you to purchase additional products or services from us in the future?

Want to dive into how they use your product or service? These are our go-to question examples: 

  1. What value do you get from our Product? Is there a reason you can’t find that in other products?
  2. Does our product help you achieve something valuable? 
  3. How could we make you more of a rockstar in your team or company?
  4. What feature do you consider to be the most useful part of our product?
  5. What feature do you consider to be the least useful part of our product?
  6. What tasks do you use our product to complete?
  7. Are there any features you would like to see added to our product?
  8. Are there any features you would like to see removed from our product?
  9. If we took our product away from you, how would you feel? 
  10. Without our product, how would you solve the problem you use us for?

Become a Customer Survey Pro, with Voiceform. 

Customer Surveys are successful when you know your audience, ask them at the right time, and only ask for what you need. Make sure you give your audience plenty of choice in how they respond, and of course, only ask questions you plan on actually actioning.

Ready to build your next customer survey? We’d love to help you. With Voiceform, you can create a voice, video and/or text survey that feels like a fun conversation for your customer. Giving them the space to answer questions in a way that feels natural, easy and fast. When you’re ready to begin, start with Voiceform for free, or book a demo to let us help you build your first survey. 

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