Doubling feedback engagement at events and retail activations

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"Voiceform has changed the way that I think about survey questions. Now when I imagine someone talking out their response, I ask questions in a way that's conversational. This allows me to collect exactly the kind of data I'm trying to extract. I'm getting a lot more substantive data."

-Mia Eichel, Founder, Wonderfil

About Wonderfil

Wonderfil is changing the way liquid products are bought and sold to consumers at retail stores, public facilities and online. Their Zero-Waste Distribution Technology for Liquid & Cream Products eliminates the need for single-use plastic bottles for liquids. You can think about Wonderfil stations like a water bottle refill for everything else that comes in a plastic bottle, from shampoo and conditioner to oil and vinegar!

Wonderfil Case Study

Scaling customer feedback at live and virtual activations. Collecting powerful data right at the point of use or sale.

The team at Voiceform connected with Mia, Co-Founder and CEO of Wonderfil Refill Stations to highlight how Voiceform's voice-powered survey and form tools helped her team launch a completely new feedback channel at activations in retail stores.

For startups, collecting feedback in the moment is mission critical.

Learning customer feedback as it happens is so important when looking to iterate and improve on the customer journey - especially when your product and services have a physical element to the journey. 

Struggling to understand customer behaviour at the point of sale, the team at Wonderfil launched Voiceform at their refill stations to better understand how customers were interacting with their products. This allowed them to understand user behaviour, expectations and how customers felt about the shopping experience.

"I'm noticing immediately that we're able to get a lot more information from people in a shorter amount of time because they share a lot more when they're talking out their responses and they're not getting frustrated by having to take so much time to type out survey responses"

-Mia Eichel, Founder, Wonderfil

How Wonderfil used Voiceform to launch a new feedback channel at live retail stations.

Getting in front of customers is so important when wanting to understand how users are finding your products and interacting with them in-store. How do you effectively capture feedback in this real-time transaction? 

Wonderfil launched their in-store feedback with Voiceform because of its mobile first approach to feedback. Easy-to-use voice response options give users an opportunity to give feedback in the moment in seconds - with an experience that feels just like sending a voice note. Frictionless across languages and abilities, now consumers can share their thoughts in the moment, when their feedback is fresh and time-relevant.

With Voiceform, the team at Wonderfil is now able to hear from their customers in real time, and collect feedback in situations where feedback just wasn't easy with historical offerings. 

"Before Voiceform we were just asking customers questions and taking notes. Now we can just launch a Voiceform and record people's narrations of their experience. This allows us to ask more questions while the person is using our station."

-Mia Eichel, Founder, Wonderfil

Launch a better feedback loop at live events and retail locations.

Since launching with Voiceform, Mia and team have been able to double the data collected at activations, while maintaining incredible insight. And with better data, comes better - faster - decision making for your business and how you improve live experiences for customers.

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