Google Surveys is shutting down. Here's how Voiceform can help

With Google Surveys shutting down, see how Voiceform is the perfect alternative.

Google Surveys is shutting down

And for users of the service, that means you're probably looking into some new product alternatives, and thinking through everything you have to consider when transitioning to another product.

Good news! We’re here to help you through this transition, and share tips on how to migrate data off Google Surveys, and considerations for your next data collection tool.

First things first, you’re probably looking at how to export and safely preserve your existing Google Survey data.

To do this, here are the steps:

1. Sign into your Google Surveys account

2. Select the surveys you’d like data from

3. On either the survey-results or question-results page, click Download 

4. Save the exported excel file to your preferred folder or storage location

Now that you’ve saved your data. You’re probably wondering, what other tools should I consider? In today's blog post, we share 8 reasons why our solution, Voiceform, is the perfect alternative to Google Surveys, and why it should be on your list of alternatives to consider when making the big leap. 

Here's how Voiceform can help

(1) Easy Setup

In talking with our customers, we’ve been told getting started with Voiceform is as easy as setting up Netflix. (Thanks, #Voiceforce). But it’s true. With an easy-to-try free tier that takes minutes to set up, you can trial all aspects of the Voiceform platform, and make sure it's right for your data collection and research needs. 

(2) The Perfect Mix of Qual and Quant methods

With Voiceform, you get to truly customize every survey, form and workflow to get the data you need. That means being able to unlock hundreds of combinations of question types. Traditional quant questions, like multiple choice or checkbox, mixed with our amazing new qualitative question types, like voice questions (ask your questions with voice or audio), voice response questions (let users answer open ended questions with voice or text) and video questions (turn any question into a super engaging video or content question). By mixing and matching a wide range of question types, we help you collect incredible data from your audience, and unlock the best of Qual and Quant methods in one place. 

(3) Fast Data Collection

Our platform has become very well known for our interactive voice and video survey capabilities. And a huge reason behind that is how fast you can collect your data. For example, our voice response questions can feel as easy as sending a voice note or voice message on your phone to a friend. This innovative approach to surveying and collecting data means you get 4-5x more data from your respondents in a fraction of the time. Just think about how much you can convey in a voice note versus having to type out your thoughts. This speed helps you get better data, and improve the conversion of your surveys due to increased convenience and speed. 

(4) Inclusive and Multilingual

With our voice response capabilities, we make research and feedback collection truly global. Imagine a scenario where you need to collect feedback from an audience across the globe. Now, you can let your audience respond in the language they feel most comfortable. This allows them to feel confident in how they share information, and leave no room for miscommunication, and ensures nothing goes unwritten. By including voice response as an option, in addition to text responses, you now create an increasingly inclusive and accessible experience for all respondents, letting them share information in a way that feels welcoming and personable. 

(5) Mobile First, of course

The world has gone mobile. That means data collection needs to meet users where they are. Our solutions are all mobile-first, meaning all of your surveys, forms and workflows look stunning on a mobile device, and let you collect data where customers or audiences typically interact with brands or organizations. 

(6) Secure

And of course, collecting data means that you’re going to need to have data security and privacy top of mind. We have you covered here. Not only do we have industry leading privacy policies and terms of use, we also let you collect data in ways that guarantee authenticity and data verification. For example, in today’s research landscape, upwards of 20% of survey responses are bogus bots and scams. By implementing voice response questions into your study, you verify that there’s a real user behind the feedback or insight. 

(7) Rich Sentiment and Topic Extraction

We know that not only is collecting strong data important, but so is making it incredibly insightful and actionable. With Voiceform, we have best-in-class analytics that auto-transcribe voice responses across languages, and provide rich insight into sentiment, keywords, topics and more from the data automatically (or, as we say, automagically). That means the data is auto-analyzed and ready for review in real time. We also offer thousands of integrations and sharing capabilities to ensure the data you collect is ready to share to any team, any tool or any client with ease. 

(8) Humanized Research

Lastly, it’s important to end by sharing that one of Voiceform’s biggest value propositions to our users is bringing you closer to your audience, with a human-first approach to data collection. We literally let you hear your customers (like, literally) and understand their worldview in a way that’s never been possible before. Across languages and abilities, be able to connect deeply to your customers or audience, and get data that feels more human.

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