How to Make Your Surveys Stand Out

Learn our top tips to make your next survey standout from the rest.

Surveys are an invaluable tool for customer feedback. They allow us to gain insights into our customer’s preferences, likes, and dislikes. It is important to ensure that your surveys stand out from the crowd in order to get the most accurate and detailed information from your survey-takers. In today’s article, we share some tips on how you can create effective surveys that will lead to higher response rates, open rates, and completions. 

When To Survey? 

The timing of when you send out surveys is just as important as the content itself. You should consider when your customers are most likely to be available and willing to give feedback on their experiences. If you send out a survey at an inconvenient time, you may end up with lower response rates or inaccurate responses due to people not having enough time or motivation to answer all the questions correctly. Also, remember that different demographics have different availability times so it is important to keep this in mind when deciding when to send out your surveys. For example, when do your customers typically go to work? When do they check their email?...etc. Your survey respondents are likely busy, so you should create a sequence that includes a number of reminder notifications as well. You want these reminders to be friendly and encouraging. Sending reminders is an important part of the process, as respondents might need a friendly nudge to get it done. 

How Long Should The Survey Be? 

Another thing to consider when creating a survey is how long it should be. Generally speaking, shorter surveys tend to have better response rates than longer ones because people don’t want to spend too much time answering questions or filling out forms. Every question added to your survey risks further drop off rates from your audience, so you want to ensure you are driving to critical questions as efficiently as possible. Not only is survey length important, but also the clarity of how you ask your questions and the questions types you select to ensure your survey is easy to answer and engaging. Open-ended questions are particularly important, as these let users respond openly and candidly. Consider leveraging a survey tool with multimedia capabilities such as voice response questions to make collecting open ended questions easy and fast for any respondent. 

What Not To Do In Your Survey?

There are certain tactics that can hurt the response rate of your survey, such as including overly complicated questions, using confusing language, or making assumptions about the respondent’s knowledge level that may not be accurate. To ensure you are sending a personalized survey, consider adding conditional logic or question branching to ensure users only see questions that are relevant to them based on how they respond to certain questions or based on their demographics. Additionally, try not to make your survey sound like a sales pitch as this can turn people off from answering questions at all. You want to ensure your survey feels conversational, which is why surveys with fun design, and engaging multimedia goes a long way. The goal here is for respondents to feel comfortable giving honest feedback, and know that they can share anything they want with you. 

Amazing Ways To Boost Survey Engagement?

Want to take survey engagement to the next level? Consider increasing engagement with your surveys by offering rewards or incentives for completing them (e.g., discounts or free products). You can also improve response rates by providing clear instructions on how to answer each question and why it’s important. To boost engagement and speed of completion, ask open-ended questions instead of multiple choice ones, which encourages more thoughtful responses. You should also keep your visual. Consider how elements like voice, video or images can work when appropriate. All these ideas help make your survey more interesting and engaging which could result in higher completion rates and in turn, higher quality data. 

In 2023, consider voice and video capabilities for your next survey.

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