9 Must-Try SurveyMonkey Alternatives

Find the right SurveyMonkey alternative for you.

Surveys are a great way to solicit feedback from employees, customers, vendors, and other parties. SurveyMonkey, which rebranded last year as Momentive, has long been a top choice for companies and individuals collecting data. However, there is an abundance of SurveyMonkey alternatives out there. Could one of these SurveyMonkey competitors be the right choice for your data collection purposes?

Here’s an overview of which SurveyMonkey competitors you might check out.

9 SurveyMonkey competitors to check out

These SurveyMonkey alternatives offer different features, price points, third-party integrations, and other benefits to help you get the feedback you need.


Voiceform is a data collection tool that includes voice-enabled solutions. Respondents often leave short- and long-form text boxes empty, when they don’t want to bother typing out their response. This unique tool lets respondents record and upload audio instead. Some clients use it for surveys, while others might use it to conduct interviews over a longer period of time. The transcription tools ensure that you don’t have to listen to the audio responses unless you prefer to.

Voiceform offers a free version for individuals. Paid plans range from $79 to $249, but custom options are available for clients with unique needs.

Google Forms

Google Forms is free, and anyone with a Google account can access the platform. Users can create an unlimited number of surveys and questions. These can be used in innovative ways, such as creating quizzes and providing immediate scores.

Users can create forms with drop-down menus, file upload options, multiple choice questions, and more. There are additional features when you integrate with G Suite, such as collaborative options and data analysis.

The downside to Google Forms is that it’s best for simple surveys, quizzes, and polls. You may not post graphic questions, and the customer support is limited unless you integrate with G Suite. However, the free price point makes it a great entry-level survey tool.


Qualtrics is an all-in-one survey tool with robust features, including a drag-and-drop survey editor, pre-built templates, automatic design recommendations, and integrations with third-party apps. There are 30 types of graphs to analyze the data you collect from websites, mobile apps, chatbots, and other sources.

You’ll have to reach out to Qualtrics to get a pricing quote, and some users complain about the limited customization options and slow processes.


TypeForm is very similar to SurveyMonkey: it allows users to create on-site or in-app surveys. It offers flexible feature sets, email distribution, customer feedback loops for 360-degree feedback, and third-party integrations.

Pricing starts at $35 per month, and users like the rich media and browser compatibility tools. However, it can be difficult to create complex surveys, and the strict pricing structure is a drawback for some users.


LimeSurvey is an open-source survey maker with 28 different question types, multilingual support in over 80 languages, and an easy-to-use, intuitive user interface. You’ll also be able to take advantage of its quota management feature, which lets users target respondents to get the type of feedback and respondents they desire. Respondents can use the skip logic functionality to move past inapplicable questions, based on their previous answers, and you’ll be able to track your survey results in real time.

Users cite LimeSurvey’s confusing website and limited customer service as the main cons to this platform. There are four pricing plans, starting at $11 and going up to $849 for the “enterprise” version.


QuestionPro caters to both beginner and professional users. This SurveyMonkey alternative offers significant customization options, media, sound, and file upload functions. QuestionPro’s collaboration features allow multiple team members to work on surveys together, and the detailed analytics can be transferred into graphs and reports. The tool is mobile-friendly.

However, users may not enjoy the basic user interface, which is not as modern and functional as those of other SurveyMonkey competitors. While there is a free version available for email surveys only, the advanced plan is $85 per month.


Alchemer, formerly SurveyGizmo, offers a straightforward tool for statistical surveys and other professional research. All data is encrypted, so your survey responses will be protected. The tool offers 25 different question types, advanced logic, report filtering, geotargeting, and page piping. It also includes third-party integration possibilities with some of the top web tools.

The downsides to Alchemer include overly complicated design, poor customer service, and the high cost. Plans start at $25 and top out at $150 per month. However, there is a free trial where you can create three surveys with unlimited questions, and collect up to 100 responses for each survey.

Ask Nicely

Ask Nicely is specifically designed as a customer experience management tool, making it good for large and small companies alike. The software allows you to send customers customizable surveys, including features to control how many times the survey is visible, how it appears, and more. Like many of these products, Ask Nicely also integrates with popular third-party tools, and has plenty of data analysis tools. Ask Nicely supports multiple languages and brands, and includes an easy user experience when setting up surveys.

Ask Nicely’s downsides include their reporting tools and user interface, which can be confusing. Pricing is available when you reach out directly for a quote.


GetFeedback uses a drag-and-drop editor to create custom surveys. It offers good data analysis options, feedback management, and robust reporting functionalities. You’ll be able to create surveys for both websites and mobile access, and it uses predictive analysis for your survey responses. GetFeedback integrates with major business tools, and can use question branching to offer in-context feedback as the respondent is taking the survey.

The major downside to GetFeedback is that Salesforce integration is more expensive than with other survey tools. Some users say the templates leave something to be desired. It’s best used for managing complaints and negative feedback. Reach out directly for a pricing quote.

Fynzo Survey

Fynzo survey is a free online data collection tool used by both beginners and professionals. It is one of the better SurveyMonkey alternatives available with robust features which include ready-to-use survey templates, personalization options that include CSS access, real-time reports & analysis, and popular integration options like Zapier, Mailchimp, Google Sheets as well as third-party integrations using webhooks. Apart from these, you can take advantage of skip logic functionality, real-time data tracking, and multiple device-friendly user interfaces. 

Fynzo provides a free trial period for you to test and know for yourself how it can serve as a data collection tool for your needs. It offers various subscription plans starting from $19 which you can choose as per your requirement. You can also get custom plans as per your requirement.

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