Unlocking Employee Perspectives with 23 Top Questions

23 questions to ask your team and colleagues to understand their perspectives.

When it comes to your team, it’s important to frequently check in and measure over time how your employees perceive your company culture, values, access to resources, advancement outlook and more. Oftentimes, this information is not collected until it’s too late, and this ultimately wastes organizations millions every year on losing incredible talent and having to re-staff or re-hire. When looking for the easiest and most convenient ways to source this information, a straightforward approach would be to send a survey. It’s lightweight, scalable and ultimately helps you either anonymously or otherwise capture a pulse on your team dynamics.

Why do we want to collect this information? Well, at the end of the day, we want our teams to produce incredible work. And in order to do great work, It’s essential to comprehend the motivation levels of your team and if they are feeling engaged and inspired to do great work. By asking relevant questions, you can gain valuable insights on how your team members are finding their experience at your company.

The questions you need to be asking your team.

After a number of experiences sending these types of surveys to our team, here is a list of 23 employee feedback questions to ask your teammates:  

  1. How motivated do you feel in this role?
  2. Do you have access to the right resources and mentors?
  3. Are there any tools that would help you do your job better?
  4. What would make our workplace better?
  5. What have been some of the most rewarding experiences in this role?
  6. What aspects of this role do you find challenging?
  7. How well do you think our team works together?
  8. Do you feel that there is room for growth in this role? 
  9. Does our company culture inspire creativity and innovation?
  10. Are there any policies or procedures that could be changed or improved upon?
  11. Do you have access to the right skill sets needed for success in this role?
  12. Are there any tools that would help make tasks simpler or quicker to complete?
  13. Do you feel fulfilled in this role and its responsibilities?
  14. Is there anything we can do better as an organization when it comes to communication between teams/departments/etc.?
  15. Do managers provide clear direction when assigning tasks or projects?
  16. Do you feel comfortable voicing your opinions during meetings or discussions?
  17. Have there been any moments where collaboration felt particularly successful within teams/departments/etc.?
  18. What aspects of our company vision resonate most with you personally?
  19. Do team members feel like they are given sufficient recognition for their efforts/contributions?
  20. Is our company embracing change effectively enough?
  21. Are goals set clearly enough so everyone has a good understanding of what needs to be accomplished?
  22. Are resources allocated properly so team members can perform optimally?
  23. Do processes related to learning and development need improvement or updating? 

Collecting honest feedback from employees is key in setting up your organization for longevity. It’s absolutely wild how many companies buckle because of their culture and morale. Ultimately, we know that teams that have purpose, inspire progression/growth and surround themselves with leaders who promote learning and growth in all aspects are truly set to thrive.

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