Using voice feedback in your marketing

The voice of your customer is a powerful tool in marketing. Unlock it.

When it comes to marketing, don't sleep on the power of your customer's Voice

In today's advertising market, it's a struggle for customer attention. Scrolls and Swipes give advertisers a matter of seconds to make an impact in a heavily saturated feed. To stand out and capture consumer attention, you need to get creative. And what better way than to introduce a marketing medium that get's your audience to, literally, stop and listen.

In today's post, we share why collecting feedback with Voice is one of the best ways to promote your brand authentically, while also getting feedback that drives results. Win, Win. By collecting soundbites and testimonials with voice, you can create incredibly engaging marketing material: audio ads, audio testimonials, media visualizers...the list goes on.

The low-down on Audio Advertising

Audio advertising allows you to create a connection in moments where digital media or other mediums just don't work. And beyond that, capture the attention of users when they are completely tuned in, and not distracted my clicks, scrolls, swipes and likes.

With Voiceform, our voice-powered surveys and forms make it incredibly easy to collect customer soundbites, testimonials and commentary that can be exported and easily turned into audio ads, audio testimonials or sound for visualizers, b-roll or videos.

In order to collect the voice clips that you need to create your ad, all you need to do is:

(1) Create a Voiceform

Easily create as many voice-powered questions as needed to get the testimonials or talking points you need from your customers or partners

(2) Export the data

Easily export Voiceform audio data into .mp3 files which can then be imported into any audio/visual creator tool. Some examples include Spotify, Canva and Wavee.

(3) Advertise

Share your ads across audio channels that make sense to your needs. Spotify, Smart Speaker, Radio, Streaming Services...etc. With audio ads, you can reach customers when they are most attentive and tuned in. Whether they are listening to their favourite artist, podcast or audio book, you have the opportunity to share something impactful when they are literally "all ears"

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