A COOs secret weapon. See how Voiceform helped EchoMR 5x feedback from their employees.

See how the COO from Echo Research collected 5x more data from his employees

"After launching Voiceform across our organization, I immediately started getting feedback by team members saying, wow, that platform is so cool, so easy to use. I immediately noticed that the the team at large particularly, our younger team members, felt more comfortable, giving feedback. Voiceform helped us break the ice when it comes to employee engagement, and our employees now feel like they can speak their minds and give feedback in a way that is appreciated and valued."

-Jay Tye, COO, Echo Research

About Echo Research

Echo is an innovative full-service market research consultancy. Echo executes both qualitative and quantitative research projects, and have become known for their unorthodox approach to sourcing high-caliber respondents for their research projects through various online channels and even through influencers. With over 25 different products and service offerings, Echo provides clients with end-to-end research support, from recruiting to project management. From ad-hoc to full-service qualitative and quantitative projects, all the way to custom Community development and support - Echo does it all!

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The Problem

Echo was struggling with understanding employee needs at the working level. As a fully distributed and remote team, they needed to improve how data is collected from all employees to improve internal culture and operation initiatives.

Echo was looking for innovative solutions to improve how the Office of the COO collected employee data across their global, remote-first team. Their initial draw to Voiceform was testing to see how employees would respond to voice surveys, and whether giving audiences the choice of speaking their thoughts would result in more candid, higher quality feedback for the operations team to action.

How Voiceform Helped

By implementing Voiceform, Echo was able to collect feedback from employees daily, understanding in a candid way, how to improve company processes.

Within weeks of implementing Voiceform, Echo validated that not only did employees widely embrace interactive voice and video surveys, the data they received dramatically improved. 5x to be exact. This stemmed from employees being able to candidly and authentically speak their mind, versus having to sit and write their thoughts, which tend to be curated.

Additionally, Echo came to realize that voice as a method for data collection was widely celebrated by younger employees at Echo. By using Voiceform, younger employees actually provided more feedback and were more comfortable with getting their points of view across.

Echo's COO and Operations team frequently tap into their growing employee base for feedback on things that can improve different areas of the business. Everything from hiring to what special project should be taken on. Crowdsourcing feedback through Voiceform has become a huge part of their culture.

"With our first Voiceform, we saw immediate results. 5x the quality of data. We were really surprised to see the difference and the caliber of thoughtfulness within the responses. When hearing feedback about Voiceform, it was pretty noticeable that people felt like they had a voice. Like they were being listened to and and that their thoughts and suggestions or feedback was welcomed and appreciated."

-Jay Tye, COO, Echo Research

Voiceform Results

Since launch, Echo has now implemented Voiceform into their operational processes when crowdsourcing employee data. This had immediate impact in the quality of data their can source from their employees, and ultimately resulted in them being able to 5x the amount of actionable, quality data they use internally to drive decisions forward.

With next to no effort, Echo was able to implement and scale Voiceform across the organization, and create an immediate ROI.

Better data in less time? Done and done.
"Whenever we have sent surveys or forms historically with open-ended response options, we wouldn't really get a lot [of data]. We would get a lot of really short responses. Voiceform has transformed this."

-Jay Tye, COO, Echo Research

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