Voiceform <> Zapier integration is now live

Collect data with Voiceform and share it with 5,000+ apps, like Slack, HubSpot!

Oh yes, it's here.

Voiceform is excited to share our new Voiceform «> Zapier integration. Now, you can collect voice, video and text data with Voiceform and easily share it with over 5,000 applications. Yes, we play nice with so many amazing software platforms - like Slack, HubSpot, Salesforce and more!

Thousands of automation possibilities for you to exploreSo what does a Zapier integration do for you, exactly? With this update, you can now have data collected with Voiceforms shared to thousands of platforms for further use. For example, Voiceform submissions can be shared automatically to another team in your Slack chat, or submission data can be automatically sent to a GoogleSheet or CRM Database to ensure records are kept up to date.

These types of automations help you get the most out of Voiceform, and save you time if the process.

Sound like a win? Correct indeed.

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