What is a Pronunciation Survey?

Learn how to use a pronunciation survey in your marketing or research projects.

In today’s blog post, we introduce you to Pronunciation Survey’s, including what they are, examples of how they can be used and why they are so important to saving you time and money in a variety of marketing and research projects.

Running a pronunciation survey is the perfect survey type to learn how to properly pronounce names, or validate new brand names or concepts in marketing. Let’s dive in to explain this further. 

What is a pronunciation survey? 

This survey type lets you ask your audience to pronounce any type of name, word, title or phrase to learn about (1) how to properly pronounce something (2) test to ensure that a name or brand is pronounced correctly or as intended. 

To run this type of survey, you’ll need to use a survey tool that lets you ask your audience a question, and have them respond with voice. Specifically, a solution that offers voice-response is key in being able to quickly reach a large number of respondents, and ensure you effectively learn how they pronounce words, names or phrases. 

When can you use a pronunciation survey?

There are a number of ways you can leverage a pronunciation survey. Here are two great examples that come to mind:

(1) Asking how to properly pronounce a person’s name

Whether it’s preparing for a school graduation or a business conference, have you considered how to appropriately pronounce someone’s name? Using a voice-survey to collect the appropriate pronunciation of someone’s name is useful to ensure when you introduce someone, or welcome someone up on a stage, you are correctly stating their name.

(2) A/B testing new brand or concept names

A pronunciation survey is a must-have survey when looking to launch a new brand. For example, let’s say you are launching a new beverage company, and are exploring different names. Have you considered how consumers will pronounce this name? Will it be confusing, hard to pronounce, mean something unintended in another language?

Running a pronunciation survey will save your brand tons of time and money by ensuring that your brand name or concept name is something that will stand out and be well received by an audience. 

Why is a pronunciation survey important?

The most important reason to consider running a pronunciation survey is because of the age-old phase “measure twice, cut once.”

Whether it’s learning how to properly pronounce a name or ensuring a newly launched brand is pronounced as intended, these are vital tests to ensure all of your time, money and preparation is well spent. A simple pronunciation test goes a long way to ensure the longevity and timelessness of a brand name in the public’s eye. It also ensures your speeches, presentations and more come off professional, considerate and well informed.

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