What is an IVR Survey?

Learn about IVR surveys and the benefits of using them.

What is an IVR Survey and how do they work?

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) surveys have been integral in contact centers for customer feedback and service improvement. However, the complexity of setting up traditional IVR surveys contrasts sharply with the ease and effectiveness of Voiceform's conversational AI platform.

Traditional IVR Surveys in Contact Centers: A Complex Undertaking

The deployment of traditional IVR surveys in contact centers involves several intricate and often cumbersome steps:

Technical and Infrastructural Challenges

  • Substantial Equipment Requirements: Setting up an IVR system demands a significant investment in telephony hardware and software.
  • Complex System Integration: The IVR must be seamlessly integrated with existing CRM and database systems, a process that can be technically demanding and time-consuming.

Survey Design and Execution

  • Elaborate Scripting: Designing effective survey scripts requires a deep understanding of survey methodology and voice user interface principles.
  • Professional Voice Talent: Recording prompts with professional voice talent adds to the expense and effort required.

Testing and Ongoing Maintenance

  • Rigorous Testing: Ensuring the IVR accurately captures and processes responses necessitates comprehensive testing.
  • Continuous Maintenance: Regular updates and technical support are essential to maintain system functionality and content relevance.

Role in Contact Centers

  • Immediate Customer Feedback: Post-interaction surveys provide timely insights into customer experiences.
  • Quality Control: Regular feedback helps monitor and enhance the quality of customer interactions.
  • Performance Metrics: IVR surveys are used to gather data on key performance indicators like customer satisfaction and service efficiency.

Voiceform: Streamlining Survey Processes in Contact Centers

Voiceform offers a more streamlined and engaging approach to surveys in contact centers:

Simplified Setup and Deployment

  • Cloud-Based Platform: Eliminates the need for heavy telephony infrastructure.
  • User-Friendly Design Interface: Allows for easy creation of conversational surveys without technical expertise.

Enhanced Engagement with Conversational AI

  • Interactive Conversations: Engages customers in a dialogue, leading to more detailed and candid feedback.
  • Flexible Response Modes: Offers both voice and text responses, catering to a wider range of customers.

Multi-Channel Distribution and Real-Time Analytics

  • Broad Reach: Surveys can be shared via SMS, web, and email, increasing participation opportunities.
  • Instant Feedback Analysis: Provides immediate insights, enabling quicker response and action.


The complexities and resource demands of traditional IVR surveys in contact centers are considerable, often hindering their effectiveness and reach. In contrast, Voiceform's conversational AI platform offers a more efficient, user-friendly, and engaging solution. By leveraging the power of conversational AI and multi-channel distribution, Voiceform not only simplifies the survey process but also enhances the quality of feedback obtained, making it a valuable tool for modern contact centers aiming to improve customer experience and service quality.

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