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TechTO is an organization that is supporting entrepreneurs and innovators at all stages of their careers and businesses within the Canadian Tech ecosystem through in-person and online events and content. TechTO supports people by helping them develop new skills: Whether they are looking for jobs, newcomers to Canada looking to connect with others or seeking mentorship. With a community of over 60,000+, TechTO helps the Canadian tech ecosystem grow and learn together.

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"Voiceform created a fun and interactive way for people to give feedback at events that we've never been able to do. Not only were we able to collect critical feedback to improve future events, but we gave our attendees the chance to interact with new technology. The data collected helped us understand how to improve the attendee experience, and helped us achieve a 10% boost in ticket sales at our next event series. By showcasing past event feedback from our attendees, we were able to achieve better results on our marketing campaigns and promotions that benefit our future events."

-Alex Reilly, Marketing Lead, TechTO

The Problem

Capturing feedback from event attendees when they are most engaged, and most likely to share their thoughts was something TechTO was trying to improve. They knew capturing this data would be best in-person and in the moment, but they wanted to figure out how.

Traditional post-event surveys weren't yielding great data, so TechTO needed to figure out how to collect feedback and data while they had a captive audience at their events. When considering options, they wanted to try and utilize a feedback mechanism that could build on the energy of the event, while still making it easy for users to try.

"Our main goal for utilizing Voiceform was to collect feedback that felt fun and easy for our event attendees. Within seconds they could share their thoughts with our on-site volunteers and carry on with the great event. Voice surveys were a seamless solution to collecting feedback on site."

- Alex Reilly, Marketing Lead, TechTO

How Voiceform Helped

At TechTO events, volunteers engaged with event participants, asking them to share their thoughts about the event and TechTO in general though their phone or a tablet carried by a volunteer. With the touch of a button, Voiceform's voice surveys captured rich feedback from event attendees, and made event attendees feel like their voice was heard.

Feedback from in-person events is challenging to capture in the moment. But it's also the best opportunity. You finally have hundreds of target customers right in front of you - and TechTO used Voiceform to capture data typically missed.

TechTO wanted to find a fun way to capture soundbites from event attendees so they could learn how to keep improving and how to keep growing with their community in mind. They turned to Voiceform's solution, as capturing voice soundbites on-site made it quick and fun for attendees to share their thoughts in a lightweight way, which engaging in cutting edge technology.

For Event Marketers, this meant no more dull interactions asking event attendees to fill out a form. They could just go up to event attendees, quickly record some soundbites and carry on! Not only could these soundbites be leveraged for event feedback, but it gave TechTO rich marketing and promotional content that they could leverage for upcoming events. For TechTO, engaging voice soundbites could easily be turned into promotional ads and content to promote future events across Podcasts, Instagram and TikTok.

"Since starting to capture feedback with Voiceform at events, we have seen 2x engagement on most of our marketing posts that share soundbites and feedback from an event. Not only is this helping us with ticket sales, it's helping us grow our brand awareness across Canada, which is one of our main goals for this year."

- Alex Reilly, Marketing Lead, TechTO

Voiceform Results

Since launch, TechTO has increased event ticket sales 10%, doubled engagement on marketing material leveraging Voiceform content, and increased their audience reach across the Canadian tech ecosystem.

By deploying Voiceform voice-powered forms and surveys at events, they've been able to collect rich feedback on the spot from event attendees, when they are most likely share their thoughts. Additionally, this feedback creates a rich datastore of feedback that can be leveraged for super engaging marketing content, such as ads, podcast content and short-from video.

"As a marketer, I really value the opinions and feedback from those who are attending our events. It has been really helpful to learn how to better promote, and how to make sure, I understand what our community wants. I would say if a brand is really looking to get creative, and delight event attendees with a new way to capture their thoughts, try Voiceform.

-Alex Reilly, Marketing Lead, TechTO

Alex Reilly
Growth Marketing Manager at TechTO
"One of the most important things for us at TechTO is to put out the best information that our audience and community cares about. Voiceform allows us to capture their feedback and highlight exactly what it is the Canadian Tech Ecosystem is most interested in."

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