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WingAI is the World's Best Virtual Assistant Service. WingAI Assistant’s are a fully managed, truly dedicated virtual assistant who works for you just like a regular team member would do. For a low monthly fixed price, WingAI provides you with a dedicated Virtual Assistant (VA) to work on as much as you’d like. WingAI offers a wide range of VAs, from general assistants, to industry and domain specialists who are experts in running tasks from general administration to sales and customer service. WingAI also offers a fully-managed VA program for enterprises, allowing companies to deploy dedicated teams for customer support, content moderation, sales development, marketing assistance and more!

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“In terms of revenue, I could say with confidence that we saved upwards of $100,000USD using Voiceform. We’ve been able to understand our customers, if they’re happy right away, if they are subtly unsatisfied, [and in need of more support.]”

-Martin Gomez, COO, WingAI Technologies


As a B2B company that serves thousands of customers, keeping a pulse on how those customers are feeling can be a full-time job. However, it's incredibly important as customer churn can be a real problem. In the past, WingAI had to spend hours on the phone or conduct zoom interviews to get a sense of how some of their customers were feeling. When considering feedback solutions, the prospect of implementing software for feedback collection (Surveys, feedback forms, emails and/or in-app feedback) at WingAI were expensive, unnecessarily technical, and required heavy engineering support.

As a fast growing startup, WingAI was looking for vendors who could provide an intuitive and simple solution that enabled them to automate their customer feedback. They needed a solution that not only saved them time like a survey tool, but a solution that also got them the same insights as those interviews Martin and the customer success team loved. 


As mentioned above, WingAI has plenty of customers - high paying ones at that. So keeping a customer is even more important than finding new ones. That's where voiceform came in. Voiceform automated feedback collection and pulse checks for the customer success team at WingAI. With Voiceform, Martin and his team were able to create highly engaging forms and surveys his customers could SPEAK into. When WingAI launched with Voiceform, they automated the feedback collection process, so that they would be sure to check in every 30 days with customers and to make sure they were on top of any feedback or suggestions.

The team at WingAI created these voiceform's to get a deeper understanding of how their customers were truly feeling. Their customers would provide detailed feedback using Voiceform and if the customer sounded unhappy, the team would be notified immediately. This is where Voiceform's Sentiment Analysis capabilities comes in. Our platform not only transcribes all the responses in a number of languages, but can identify when a customer isn’t thrilled with their experience. Every time a customer showed a negative response, Martin and his team were pinged so that they could personally reach out and rectify the problem.

"If you’re a fast growing company, a great way to start is with Voiceform. Their easily scalable software is simple to implement, versus having the heavy lift of launching a Marketo, Mailchimp or Qualtrics solution. You can get started in 10 minutes if you need to, and you’re going to save thousands of dollars per month."

-Martin Gomez, COO, WingAI Technologies


The results for WingAI have been tremendous. Since launching Voiceform, WingAI has saved upwards of $100,000 in customer churn and 40+ hours per week in time collecting and analyzing feedback results. By automating their customer feedback processes, WingAI was able to not only standout from the crowd with a leading customer experience, but realize both time and revenue savings. For WingAI, this represented an ROI on Voiceform in less than 30 days. 

By leveraging Voiceform, WingAI has been able to capture a deeper understanding of customers across languages and geographies, without any heavy-lift engineering, or time-intensive feedback campaigns. From email surveys, to in-app feedback, Voiceform solutions can be launched quickly and data can be easily understood so optimizations can take place. From creating your feedback workflows, to reviewing results, Voiceform works to leverage intuitive platform UI to remove the burden of the entire process, allowing you to get started in minutes. Interested in standing up your own customer feedback program, but need some help? Our team is ready to support you through onboarding, standing up integrations or helping you determine what type of feedback program will work for your customers.

"We definitely saved time collecting customer feedback with Voiceform. All you need is a link, and don’t need to establish a massive campaign that’s overly calibrated. We can quickly send a link, and it feels like Voiceform has YouTube-ified that space. Easy viewing, easy sharing and it’s very impactful. We can move with speed and agility, and adapt using Voiceform systems. Given the customer volume we serve, we save 40+ hours per week with our feedback efforts.”

-Martin Gomez, COO, WingAI Technologies
Martin Gomez
COO at WingAI Technologies
"In terms of revenue, I could say with confidence that we’ve saved upwards of $100,000USD during the last six months [with Voiceform]. We’ve been able to understand our customers, if they’re happy right away, if they are subtly unsatisfied, [and in need of more support.]"

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