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Secure, privacy compliant data collection for customer insight.

Enterprise-grade surveys, forms and workflows to collect and analyze customer data for rich insight that helps you understand how your customer is feeling.

CS Professionals trust Voiceform for data collection and insight
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How we help CS Professionals

Capture data anywhere

Go where your customer is. Voiceform lets you share forms and surveys via link, chat, website or widget to unlock customer insight at the right moment.

Sharing a Voiceform through link, email or embed on website.
Collect all types of customer information

Organizations use Voiceform to hear their customers. Secure, multipurpose voice, text and video surveys, widgets and forms for any use cases. Our Voiceform templates also include pre-built forms for collecting feedback, data and more.

An illustration showing different question types including rating, multiple choice, video, date picker, etc.
Identify customer trends

Voice, video and text surveys and forms help to build data collection workflows that feel like a conversation. Additionally, be able to understand customer health metric trends over time to identify themes in churn rates, NPS and satisfaction rates.

An illustration showing analytics from Voiceform surveys.
Data sharing and automations

We help you collect the best data, and use it however you need. With Voiceform, you can share data to anyone in your organization with ease, with thousands of possible integrations and automations, like Slack, Salesforce, Hubspot and more. Easily export all data collected to easily share and analyze across analytic tools.


Capabilities for every need

Sentiment Analysis
Understand customers on a deeper level; View topic extraction and sentiment scores from responses
Conditional Logic
Make every voiceform feel personable. Ensure your audience is only asked questions relevant to them.
Collect global data. We automagically transcribe voice responses in 13+ languages
Send voiceform data to thousands of tools you love, such as Slack and HubSpot.
Voice and Video
Mix and match voice and video questions with traditional form questions to max-out engagement.
As data starts flowing, notifications help teams move fast and action any customer or vendor data.
Case study

How Voiceform helped EchoMR 5x feedback collected from their employees

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"With our first Voiceform, we saw immediate results. 5x the quality of data. We were really surprised to see the difference and the caliber of thoughtfulness within the responses. When hearing feedback about Voiceform, it was pretty noticeable that people felt like they had a voice. Like they were being listened to and and that their thoughts and suggestions or feedback was welcomed and appreciated."
Jay Tye (Echo MR)
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Use Voiceform with the tools you already love

Collect data with Voiceform and share it with over 5,000 applications like Slack, HubSpot and more.

We make collecting, sharing and analzying data a breeze

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