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Event Professionals

Easy to use, highly engaging forms that convert more leads and get your team better data at events, conferences and more.

Capitalize on in-person interactions, by being able to collect lead information or feedback in seconds with beautifully designed, simple forms and surveys

Event professionals trust Voiceform for events
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How we help sales and marketing professionals

Collect more leads at events

Events move fast. Voiceform let’s you jump on opportunities by allowing you to quickly collect data during or after conversations, with quick and easy to use data collection forms.

Sharing a Voiceform through link, email or embed on website.
Collect all types of leads or customer information

Collect any data needed to make your events a success. Voiceform’s allows you to collect any type of data, and share it wherever you need it to go. Leverage engaging and interactive voice, video and text formats to keep respondents engaged, and achieve maximize Voiceform completion.

An illustration showing different question types including rating, multiple choice, video, date picker, etc.
Turn data into useful content

The best of both worlds. Collect amazing data that can be turned into content. Voice, video and text forms and widgets help collect data in a way that feels like a conversation. No coding required, with easy to use design and layout tools that allow you to build Voiceforms perfectly on brand. Leverage collected data to make highly engaging content, such as case studies, testimonials, podcasts, videos and more!

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Data sharing and automations

We help you collect the best data, and use it however you need. With Voiceform, you can share data to anyone in your organization with ease, with thousands of possible integrations and automations, like Slack, Salesforce, Hubspot and more. Easily export all data collected to easily share with sales and marketing teams to execute on opportunities.


Capabilities for every need

Lightning Fast Loading Time
Blazing fast up time to ensure your forms are always running and always converting.
Conditional Logic
Make every voiceform feel personable. Ensure your audience is only asked questions relevant to them.
Sentiment Analysis
Understand customers on a deeper level; View topic extraction and sentiment scores from responses
Send voiceform data to thousands of tools you love, such as Slack and HubSpot.
Voice and Video
Mix and match voice and video questions with traditional form questions to max-out engagement.
As data starts flowing, notifications help teams move fast and action any customer or vendor data.
Case study

Doubling feedback engagement at events and retail activations

customer engagement
hours saved on feedback collection
more data
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"I'm noticing immediately that we're able to get a lot more information from people in a shorter amount of time because they share a lot more when they're talking out their responses and they're not getting frustrated by having to take so much time to type out survey responses."
Mia Eichel (Wonderfil)
How it works

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Collect data with Voiceform and share it with over 5,000 applications like Slack, HubSpot and more.

We make collecting, sharing and analzying data a breeze

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