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How we help Academic Researchers

Quant and Qual Research in one platform

Mix and match a wide range of question types to unlock the best of both Qual and Quant Research methods.

Sharing a Voiceform through link, email or embed on website.
High quality panels and audience samples

Organizations use Voiceform to hear their audience. Secure, multipurpose voice, text and video surveys that improve the quality and legitimacy of response data. Prevent fraudulent or duplicate responses by hearing from our high quality communities.

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Sentiment and Emotional Analysis

Voice, video and text surveys and forms help create a more human approach to research. Additionally, get access to a robust analytics platform that lets you sort, search and filter response data to uncover sentiment analysis, topic extraction and more!

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Share data for further analysis

We help you collect the best data, and use it however you need. With Voiceform, you can easily export or share data to any of your existing research tools for further analysis.


Capabilities for every need

Sentiment Analysis
Understand customers on a deeper level; View topic extraction and sentiment scores from responses
Conditional Logic
Make every voiceform feel personable. Ensure your audience is only asked questions relevant to them.
Collect global data. We automagically transcribe voice responses in 13+ languages
Send voiceform data to thousands of tools you love, such as Slack and HubSpot.
Voice and Video
Mix and match voice and video questions with traditional form questions to max-out engagement.
Panels and Programming
Custom panels and programming to ensure your surveys are designed to perfection, and shared with the right audience.
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See how Nonfiction used Voiceform's all-in-one platform for qual and quant research

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"We love Voiceform because it helps us bridge that gap between quantitative data and fully qualitative data. We can get qualitative results at scale and we can do it way faster than we can if we were to just do interviews."
Ben Ziedler (Nonfiction)
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