Your customers are on their phones. Here’s how to engage them.

6 key tips to consider when building and launching a mobile customer survey

Mobile surveys have become an increasingly popular way for global brands to engage with their customers. The rise of new technologies have made text-message, email, chat and in-app messaging a breeze for connecting with customers for marketing, support or overall engagement. 

As more and more people use their smartphones for accessing the internet, it’s become almost a gateway for how a customer views a company or brand. How you engage with your customers on their phone’s will deeply impact how closely connected they feel to your vision, brand and how positively they view your company as a whole.

Beyond traditional communications like chat, mobile email and text, customer surveys have become a key way to connect with your customers to get more information from them. Feedback, opinions, perspective…etc. If you’re planning to launch a mobile survey to your customers anytime soon. This blog post is for you. In this blog post, we will cover building and launching a successful mobile survey that gets high response rates.

Let's take a look at 6 key tips for how to properly structure your mobile survey, what question types are best to ask on mobile and the best methods for sharing your mobile survey. 

  1. Structure your mobile survey properly. The structure of the survey is one of the most important factors in creating a successful mobile survey. Keep the survey short and straightforward with no more than 10 questions. Long surveys can quickly become tedious and result in lower response rates. Your survey should also include short, to the point question text that’s easy to read on mobile.

  2. Use simple, concise language. When creating questions for the survey, be sure to use simple and concise language. Avoid long or complicated sentences, technical jargon, or any phrasing that would confuse the respondent.

  3. Utilize question types suited for mobile phones. Mobile surveys have typically been best suited for closed-ended questions such as multiple-choice, rating or ranking questions. But have you ever thought about using Voice in your survey? Mobile-friendly survey platforms, like Voiceform, allow you add open-ended voice-response questions that let users share their thoughts in a way that feels like a voice note or voice memo. With a simple click, they can share their thoughts and ideas quickly, giving you much better data, and longer responses.

  4. Design smart survey logic. Smart survey logic can help improve the overall experience of your survey. Use branching and skip logic to show only relevant questions to respondents. This can help keep the survey short, improve engagement and ensure that the questions are relevant to the respondent. Make sure your survey platform allows you to redirect users after surveys to landing pages, resource hubs, websites and more. Redirecting is a great way to ensure your customers get useful information or incentives for sharing survey information with you. For example, you can re-direct respondents to a landing page with a discount code as an incentive for participating in your survey.

  5. Make your survey visually appealing. An aesthetically pleasing survey can help increase engagement and can lead to higher response rates. Use images and videos when possible to illustrate questions and add interest to the survey.

  6. Share the survey widely. Once you have created your survey, it's time to share it widely. Share the survey through social media, email newsletters, or targeted advertising over text. Make sure to tailor the survey to the platform you use and test it on different devices to ensure that it works well on all platforms. Another great feature available on Voiceform is 6 different mobile-friendly embedding options, making your survey easy to view and/or complete within a mobile app, on a website or on a landing page. 

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Creating a successful mobile survey requires careful planning and execution, and the Voiceform team would love to get you started with one of our free templates. Remember, by keeping your survey short, using simple language, and utilizing mobile-friendly question types such as voice-response questions, you can create a survey that engages respondents and makes them feel more connected to your product or service like never before. Get started for free, or chat with us now to learn more. 

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