63 Insightful Market Research Questions to Ask in 2023

Better understand your target customer with these must-ask questions.

Understanding your target market, and how they respond to your product, is the key to successful promotional campaigns. Even if you feel like you understand your market perfectly, markets do change over time. Your customers’ opinions, needs, and wants will change along with current trends in society, politics, pop culture, and other influences. Asking the right market research questions can help you stay on top of your changing market.

The market research questions below will help you understand your market’s most pressing concerns, along with potential pain points.

Market research questions to understand customer demographics and psychology

Aside from basic demographic questions, like age, gender, income, and location, you can create a more specific customer profile. Ask these questions to get to know your customers better:

  1. How do you primarily spend your time?
  2. In which industry do you work?
  3. What kind of hobbies do you regularly participate in?
  4. What are your main interests?
  5. If money or time were not an issue, what do you prefer to spend money on?
  6. What draws you to one brand over another?
  7. How do you choose between brands and products? 
  8. Who makes the primary purchasing decisions in your household?
  9. How many people do you shop for on a regular basis?
  10. What’s your preferred method of shopping? Why?
  11. What makes you decide to avoid a brand in the future?
  12. How do you feel about available products in [your product category]?
  13. How often do you shop for [your product category]? 
  14. How much do you spend on [product category] on a monthly basis?
  15. How do you use [product type] in your everyday life?

Market research questions for new products

If you’re gathering information to create or launch new products, these questions can provide valuable insight:

  1. What do you look for when purchasing [new product or service]?
  2. What is the most important feature for a [product type]?
  3. How does [product type] make your life easier?
  4. How often do you use [product type]?
  5. How do you use [product type] in your everyday life?
  6. Describe how you use [product type].
  7. How much would you prefer to spend on a similar product or service?
  8. What features would encourage you to pay more for a product or service?
  9. Are there any features in [similar product or service] that you wouldn’t use?
  10. Do you feel [competing products] are priced fairly?
  11. What would convince you to try a new product or service in this category?

Market research questions for pain points

Understanding how your customers are responding to your current offerings, whether product, service, advertising, or customer service, can help you understand where your business can improve. Ask these questions to learn more:

  1. When was the last time you purchased from [company]?
  2. Describe your experience with your last purchase.
  3. Where did we succeed in meeting your expectations?
  4. Where did we fail in meeting your expectations?
  5. What would make your experience with [product] better?
  6. Are there any features you don’t use?
  7. What would your ideal product or service include?
  8. Have you ever talked to our customer service team?
  9. Describe your reason for needing customer service assistance.
  10. Describe your experience with our customer service team.
  11. Was your issue resolved?
  12. How quickly was your issue resolved?
  13. Were you satisfied with the outcome?
  14. What would have made the experience better?
  15. What’s the most difficult part of using our products or services?
  16. Do you use our website? How do you use it?
  17. Have you experienced any problems contacting us for assistance? What were they?
  18. Have you experienced any problems on our website? What were they?

Market research questions for pricing and placement

Understanding how your product pricing and placement compare to those of your competitors can be helpful. Use these questions to refine your pricing and promotional strategies:

  1. How much do you currently pay for [product type]?
  2. Do you think our product is priced fairly?
  3. Have you found [product or service] for less? Did you purchase it? Why or why not?
  4. What is a reasonable price range for [product or service]?
  5. What is the ideal price for [product or service]?
  6. Is [price point] too low or too high for a similar product/service?
  7. Have you seen our products in stores before?
  8. Where have you seen our products mentioned/placed/advertised?
  9. Where would you like to see our products or services mentioned/placed/advertised?

Market research questions for advertising and brand awareness

Advertising, marketing, and branding create an image in your customers’ minds. While brand awareness is its own market research niche, these questions will help you understand how customers perceive your brand and advertising campaigns:

  1. Are you familiar with our brand?
  2. How did you find our brand/company?
  3. Have you ever seen any reviews of our brand/product/company? How did they influence your purchase?
  4. Have you ever seen advertisements for our brand/product/company? How did they influence your opinion of us?
  5. Who do you think our target customer is?
  6. When you think of our brand, how do you feel?
  7. Does our advertising and branding accurately reflect your experience with our company?
  8. What should potential customers know about our products and services?
  9. What do you think our brand/company stands for?
  10. Have you ever followed any of our social media channels? Which ones? How do you feel about our social media presence?

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