23 Product Feedback Questions to Ask Your Customers in 2023

Be inspired by our 2023 list of top feedback questions to ask your customers.

Getting to know your customers means knowing what questions to ask them to draw out insight that often goes unmentioned. This means you need to have a strong understanding of your customers' motivations, needs and behaviors. It also means knowing how to connect these learnings back to your product or service in a valuable way.

And the best way to learn about your customers? Start asking questions. The more you can learn, the more you can use information collected to build meaningful customer relationships, and make them feel involved in product and service developments and updates. Customer feedback is at the core of delivering amazing experiences, so we decided to share our favorite product feedback questions that help you understand where your customers stand when it comes to your products, and their relationship with you.

How to Ask For Feedback

Since your customers might not be available to chat at any moment. Sending a survey is a great place to start in collecting feedback. As you receive responses, you can always follow up afterwards to have deeper conversations and ensure the feedback collected feels acted on in the eyes of your customers.

When collecting feedback, you want to ensure you're creating a survey experience that lets users respond on their own terms, and in methods that feel comfortable for them. You also want to ensure that your survey feels like a conversation. A dialogue of questions and answers that make users feel comfortable to speak their mind, and not be short with their answers.

Our Favorite Product Feedback Questions

These questions will help you get to know your customers better, from their behaviors to their goals and motivations: 

Warm Up Questions

  1. How did you initially discover our product?
  2. What prompted you to get started with us?
  3. Was it easy to get started with our product? Did any friction occur when getting started? 
  4. How often do you use our product?

Navigation Questions

  1. Do you find our product intuitive to use?
  2. Does our product's interface feel easy to navigate? 
  3. Has there ever been a time where you couldn't find what you were looking for? 

Product Value Questions

  1. What value do you get from our Product? Is there a reason you can’t find that in other products?
  2. Does our product help you achieve something valuable? 
  3. How could we make you more of a rockstar in your team or company?
  4. What feature do you consider to be the most useful part of our product?
  5. What feature do you consider to be the least useful part of our product?
  6. What tasks do you use our product to complete?
  7. Are there any features you would like to see added to our product?
  8. Are there any features you would like to see removed from our product?
  9. If we took our product away from you, how would you feel? 
  10. Without our product, how would you solve the problem you use us for? 

Competitor Questions

  1. Who would you say are our competitors? 
  2. Are there any tools you love to use alongside our product? 

Loyalty Questions

  1. Does anything prevent you from sharing our product with other teams or colleagues you work with?
  2. Would you recommend our product to your friends or colleagues?
  3. What would make you want to stop using our product? 
  4. How likely are you to purchase additional products or services from us in the future? 

Ask Your Customer Feedback With Voiceform

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