The best way to collect customer sentiment at scale

See how voice can be the key to better understanding sentiment at scale.

As an insight platform, our team has learned a thing or two about big data.

  1. Data quality > everything (and we mean everything)
  2. Data is only powerful when it can be efficiently understood and actioned in a way that drives a bottom line result.
You can have data on data on data, but unless it can be easily ingested, understood and actioned, it's not useful.

From day one, our team has recognized that in order to deliver an industry leading solution, we need to ensure we deliver a platform that makes high quality data easy to collect, and analysis tools that surface impactful data. Additionally, our solution needed to increasingly automate the heavy lifting of qualitative and quantitative analysis, while also making the data presented in a way that helps teams easily share, action and present information to both teams and external partners.

In today's article, we share two key learning's we've found on our path to creating an incredible tool for understanding insight at scale, and how we deliver it.

Data quality > everything

Regarding data collection and quality, our team has taken a sharp focus on helping teams improve how qualitative data is captured and analyzed. It's great to have a ton of qualitative data, but we strive to ensure we are giving our customers the best of the best.

And how do we do that? 

We unlock an entirely new way to improve how qualitative data is collected. This is where the the true impact of voice comes into play. (We truly do put the Voice in Voiceform) 

Our platform allows users to create super-intuitive forms and surveys that embrace the power of voice. When collecting long form or open ended data, users for the first time now have the option to choose how they share information. Voice or Text. 

The results are a game changer for data quality.

Not only are we seeing users widely embrace voice as a channel to share their feedback or information, we are also seeing users share 3-4x more information. That's 3-4x more context, 3-4x more clarity, 3-4x more accuracy behind understand what a user truly means. That's big.

Giving users the ability to share richer data, across languages and geographies, is a win for researchers and insight teams undertaking large-scale research and insight projects. With more data, Voiceform can present an increasingly more accurate view of insight. This includes more accurate sentiment analysis, more accurate understanding of tone and intent, and provide our users with more confidence that the insights pulled from the information is backed by the good stuff. (i.e. data data data) 

More data isn't always better. Unless it can be actioned effectively.

But of course, more data doesn't mean better. What's the point of having endless data if it takes endless hours to analyze? Or is so unstructured you can't draw trends or conclusions? 

With Voiceform, we've ensured more data can be used as an advantage. With more data, our platform is able to better surface the insight that often goes unwritten.

Take insights like Sentiment, Categories and Themes for example.

By allowing users to share qualitative information with Voice, we not only get more data, but we get increased validation of what a user actually means - an understanding of emotional insight, intent, tone and meaning that often gets lost in translation in text alone. This holistic view into a user becomes even more powerful at scale. It also lets us produce a look into customer insight that's backed by better data. That means over time, we can use that data to understand themes and insights that will help Voiceform users make decisions and forecast important actions that impact their business.

With Voiceform, our analysis tools allow you to unlock large volumes of customer data, to extract powerful sentiment analysis and topic extraction, while also being able to access data that literally lets you hear your customer. We think of this approach as a way to apply quantitative frameworks to qualitative data. When combined, you can present a view into customer feedback and insights in a way most companies can't.

Better Data Quality. Better Insight. (And, the results don't lie).

Interested to see how our insights translate into results? Make sure to check out our latest Case Studies.

Take 100Insure. Since using Voiceform, their insights teams have seen showstopper results. 2x engagement on surveys and forms, 4x more data, and insight that resulted in a 52% reduction in their Costs of Customer Acquisition (CAC).

We are extremely proud of these results, and love seeing these results time and time again with our Voiceform customers. It's amazing how better data, when paired with automated and streamlined insight, can have immediate impact to teams and businesses.

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