What is Voice Feedback? Definition and 3 Benefits to Know

Learn what voice feedback is, the key benefits and how to apply it.

There is no denying that customer feedback is an invaluable tool for improving your business. Yet, traditional surveys and forms often have trouble capturing the nuances of customer sentiment. They might be great for scaling up the reach of your feedback programs, but often lose out on the subtleties of what customers actually feel. 

That’s why it pays to leverage voice feedback from customers and offer surveys and forms that let your users respond in their own words. By hearing their voice and understanding their wants and needs, you can get a deeper, more emotional look at what drives them – and use that data to make informed decisions about your product or service. 

What is Voice Feedback? 

Voice feedback is a type of feedback that comes in the form of audio, and enables a further level of analysis that typically cannot be found in text. Overall, voice feedback takes speech-to-text data analysis to another level, and allows for feedback to be analyzed for sentiment, topical themes and keywords. Additionally, you get all the added benefits of the actual audio: being able to hear a customer's tonality, emotion, pitch and energy.

Voice feedback gets you more information and context about what a user has to say and how they feel. In addition to it being more thorough, it also provides you with feedback that has added utility. Beyond the text data, you get access to rich customer audio that can be turned into reports, content or presentations. With the audio recordings collected, you can use the voice feedback to easily create strong marketing campaigns with social media posts that actually let audiences hear your customers' own words through testimonials. Or, you can add further validity to sales and marketing materials, such as case studies and presentations that bring your customers' voice front and center. With online forums saturated with text content, voice feedback adds another layer of authenticity and context to your feedback collection. 

3 Benefits of Voice Feedback

Better Connect with Your Customers Emotionally

It’s easy to get lost in data-driven, quantitative surveys and analytics when trying to understand your customers. This can leave out important emotional factors that influence purchasing decisions, likeliness of referrals and customer loyalty—factors that are best understood by hearing people talk about their experiences IRL. 

When it comes to understanding customer sentiment, there’s nothing quite like the insights you can get from actually hearing someone speak their mind - raw, open-ended and free flowing. It gives you an opportunity to connect with your customers on a deeper level and build trust through genuine conversations. 

Gain Actionable Insights 

Surveys are great for gathering quantitative data, but as we just discussed, they don't tell the whole story. Voice feedback provides qualitative insights that can help you understand how your customers actually feel about your product or service, beyond what numbers of quant trends will tell you. 

For example, let’s say a user responds to an NPS survey with a score of 6. What does that mean? Does that mean content, neutrality, or frustration? Without context, these details in isolation are hard to know. 

That’s why it’s important to get customer feedback with the best of both quant and qual methods. Mix and match question types that let you draw out both types of data to pair numerical data with emotional context.

Spot Trends Early On 

Voice feedback also allows you to spot trends early on. Are you customers truly happy? You’d be surprised what seemingly neutral customers will have to say. Collecting voice feedback helps give you a better understanding of how people perceive your brand and products proactively. The most important thing is to ask early and ask often, ensuring your customers feel their voice is heard and taken into consideration. This kind of insight puts you in a better position to anticipate shifts in consumer behavior so that you can adjust accordingly.   

How to Collect Voice Feedback with Voiceform

Introduce your customers to an engaging and exciting way to share their thoughts and opinions. Voice feedback provides valuable information beyond what traditional surveys offer—it helps you connect with customers on an emotional level and gain actionable insights into their experiences with your product or service so that you can make informed decisions quickly. When given the chance, you’d be surprised how much your customers are willing to share with you, all you have to do is ask. With conditional logic, customizable design and a mix of quant and qual question types, get started surveying your customers in a new way today. 

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