What is a Voice Survey? 🎤

In our latest post, we introduce you to the amazing world of Voice Surveys.

At Voiceform, our goal is to make customer data collection simple, accessible and emotionally insightful. Ensuring everyone's voice is heard.

In order to do that, survey creators need to ensure that they are engaging with customers on their terms. Giving them an opportunity to provide feedback where they want, how they want and when they want.

And let's face it, existing survey options just don't do that. In fact, traditional text-based surveys and forms used for customer feedback typically experience drop off rates up to 90%. (Yes, 90%!!)

So, why are we seeing these results?

  1. Perceived Effort: Customers are busy, and surveys get a bad reputation for being time consuming, inconvenient and stale.
  2. Poor Engagement: Not only are customers busy, but they are also constantly on-the-move with life and work. Many do not have time to sit at a laptop and fill out a lengthy survey.
  3. Accessibility: For many customers, text-based surveys are extremely difficult to complete. These tools exclude audiences that have limitations typing, viewing digital screens or having to type on small devices.

In addition to traditional surveys being a poor customer experience. They also lack actionable insight. This is because traditional tools lack contextual and emotional data. It's incredibly difficult to hear customer nuance or know how your respondents truly feel with text data alone. Especially if you are reviewing hundreds of survey and form responses.

Our team at Voiceform experienced these pain points first hand, and knew there must be a better way to get access to the data and insights you need, while improving customer interactions as you do it.

...Enter Voiceform.

Since launching, we are so excited to be helping hundreds of customers, and thousands of survey respondents access a better way to survey, with voice-powered survey and form solutions that make customer data collection simple, yet powerful.

Voice Surveys allow your customers to respond to survey and form questions with their Voice, and open up incredible opportunities for customer accessibility, insight and engagement.

Voice surveys tell the story of customers that often goes unwritten.

Our voice-powered survey and form builder helps you collect customer data to reveal better  insight, while simultaneously making it super easy for anyone to engage and complete your survey.

Voiceform was built on three key priorities:

  1. Simple: Easy platform navigation. Create surveys and forms anyone can complete. Give your customers the ability to choose how they respond. Voice, text and more!
  2. Extensible: Embed us anywhere. Add a Voiceform where you want data collected: emails, social media, landing pages, websites, integrations etc.
  3. Accessible: Inclusivity means better data. See how user-friendly audio options help you reach customers with different abilities, or who are on-the-go and hard to reach.

Our Customer Intelligence Platform gives you access to an entirely new level of customer insight that helps you understand the context and nuance often missed in text feedback alone. Additionally, we also offer robust analytics to help you distill hundreds of survey response results with ease.

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