How to Write a Customer Feedback Email That Stands Out

Learn how to create and share a super engaging customer email.

Whether you’re looking to create a customer feedback email, an engaging newsletter, or any other type of email communication, it’s important to make sure that your emails stand out from the crowd. Today, your customers are bombarded by emails and marketing material from companies. Their attention spans are shrinking, and are quick to chop any content that does not deliver value to them. The pressure to be kept in the “Main” inbox of a customer has never been higher, and the last thing you want is to be placed in the “Promotional,” “Spam” folders with your customers. Or even worse. Have them unsubscribe.

In this blog post, we’ll explore five tips for creating a customer feedback email that stands out. 

Tip #1: Write an Attention-Grabbing Subject Line 

The first thing people will see when they receive your email is the subject line. You don’t have much time to make an impression, so it’s important that you write something attention-grabbing in order to get people to click on your message. Try to be clear and concise about exactly what this email does for the reader. If you aren’t sharing something they need, keeping them updated on areas of interest or giving them something, your email won’t make the cut. Ensure that your emails are opened and read by as many people as possible by making your subject language fun and crystal clear. 

Tip #2: Come Up With a Unique Design 

When writing customer feedback emails, it can be tempting to just send out plain text emails with no visuals at all. While this may seem like the easier option, having a unique design can really help make your emails stand out from the crowd. Try adding some visuals such as icons or images related to the topic of your email - There are lots of great tools such as Canva to help with your designs to make them look like they were done like a Pro. You could also experiment with different fonts and colors for added visual interest - but be careful. Sometimes it’s best to just keep your email text colors clear and readable. Also, make sure your design looks good in both light and dark mode, as a large majority of users link to have their inboxes set to dark mode. 

Tip #3: Keep It Simple 

While it’s important that your customer feedback emails stand out from the rest, remember not to get too carried away with flashy designs or long-winded sentences. In fact, we recommend keeping text to a bare minimum. If you need to send something more in depth, link out to a blog post. Emails are something users review to get a quick summary of what’s important. Overwhelming them will guarantee they either stop engaging with the emails, or stop reading all together. Keeping things simple can often be more effective in getting your message across quickly and clearly. Stick with crisp titles and bullet points if possible - this way readers won't lose focus or become overwhelmed by too much information at once! 

Tip #4: Make it Engaging with Polls and Surveys

No matter how great your content is, if it isn't engaging, you’ll lose a captive audience. At Voiceform, we love adding polls and surveys to our emails to see what readers think about the content on a frequent basis, or get them to provide input on what they want to see. If you’re considering an email survey, consider Voiceform. Our solution allows you to ask questions and receive data with traditional question-types, as well as voice and video. This is a super fun way to share content with your audience, and capture meaningful customer testimonials and user-generated content. 

Tip #5: Use Humor Whenever Possible 

Humor is always a great way to lighten up an otherwise business-centric subject matter! If appropriate (and depending on who you're writing for), adding a bit of wit or humor into your customer feedback emails can make them more memorable and enjoyable for readers. Humor can mean many things, like adding memes, relevant content about a sporting event or concert, or highlighting a fun fact relevant to the email. Just remember not everyone has the same sense of humor, so keep things lighthearted and read the virtual room. 

The best emails are authentic and allow users to engage with you 

Writing customer feedback emails doesn't have to be difficult - especially if you follow these five tips! Remember your readers want to feel like they are in a living conversation with your emails, so ensure you are giving them lots of opportunities to engage with you, share ideas for content and influence the conversation. Running surveys and polls are a great way to do this.

Additionally, make sure you keep your emails text light, visual, and add some humor from time to time. Have any questions on how to make your emails a little more engaging? Reach out to our team at Voiceform, and we can show you how. 

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