Customer Interview Template

Customer Interview Survey Template

One survey type that marketers or customer experience teams should be aware of is the customer interview survey. This type of survey focuses solely on customer feedback and customer opinions and can really shine a spotlight into how customers are using your products or services. The customer interview survey template can also be used to collect content used for press, media, publications and serve to highlight a particular narrative you are looking to tell.

This template will allow you to collect customer stories, and connect them back to your product or service. Not to mention, you can use these compelling stories to generate unique content pieces for marketing or for further validate how customer stories link to the value you provide them. Additionally, the valuable insights this type of survey helps you uncover, can ultimately guide product development decisions and assist your team in validating solutions or features you are designing from the ground up. Customer interview surveys can be leveraged to scale your customer interviews, collect customer spotlights asynchronously across timezones or help create content that can be published for sales and marketing purposes. Get started with a customer interview survey in minutes, with Voiceform.

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